I Rather Have My Home As My Cruise Ship Not My Castle

             Right now I feel like that I am on an island that will lead me to my next journey. I know in reality what I am really asking, when am I going to get my first Pay check. It’s great not having to do the long commutes to the city and counting all the pot holes, however the truth of the matter is that the clock is ticking and the choices are very slim.
             Almost every day is the same in front of my computer with my cup of coffee, but I started to realize that everything that I learned and accumulated has become my castle, my
attained foundation. I should start  thinking that my home(my castle) is really mycruise ship that that will take me on my voyage of happiness and fullfilment. I been on a cruise and I was not exacly impressed. At first it seemed prettey cheap, $65.00 a day. Wow I did not need a car, had all the food I could eat, entertaiment, photographers everywhere wanting to take my picture and of course seeing beautifull beaches, great swiming pools(crowded), new friends who promised to email you and never did, ——The LOVE BOAT—-, but at night I have to retreat back to my sardine can cabin and plan tomorrow’s adventure. Sure I took some great photos and was able to dance the Tango with my wife, but I soo realize that my home gave me amenities I forgot I had, and I never computed how much was I paying for my perpetual cruise(home) ship, the SSWWW.HOWIEMAUI.COM. After our cruise was over(Flight from Puerto Rico back to Chicago) with a $1000.00 discount was $2200.00. Don’t get me wromg, I did have a good time, but all the excusions, port fees, tipping at the end of the cruise and oh yeah I did buy two bottles of liquor which I could not drink  the ship made me realize that my home, my castle is a pretty good bargain after all.
                 When I got home I had a new perspective, I compared the costs between the Carribean cruise and living in my castle I knew it was time to break out one of the bottles
of liquor we brought home and open up a can of King Oscar Sardines and celebrate that
we just turned our castle into a crusie ship. Hopefully it can take me in mind and spirit to ever where I hope to go. —-Cheers to Issac and Captain Steubing.-Welcome to my new Love Boat.-
and my once castle.