“But mona lisa musta had highway blues.”

       Yesterday my wife and I attended a funeral for a photographer friend, Steve Grubman.
The room was packed with some three hundred of his friends and family. It was a testimonial
that Steve accomplished what I hope to do, is to had gone through life making may friends
and to be able to others with their journey.
        The Rabbi compared Steve’s life as taking and making a photograph. He reminded us
we once develop the film, and sometimes waited mor than a day to see the actual photograph. Photography was a chemical process, but in reality it was a platform for living one’s life. It take
a life processes to DEVELOP who we really are. Steve was not only a successfull photographer but he taught me that your real Earthly wealth are your family and friends. Your job is never your job but your Process. We can not always be a Polaroid or a digital image, the process is a life time formula.
        With tears slowly drowning my eyes, I held my wife’s hand and see why Steve wanted us to listen to one of his favorite’s song, Bob Dylan’s (Visions of Johanna). I knew that my life was not about my physical wealth but about the song I wanted my friends and family to listen to at
my final get together. Simon and Garfunkel’s “Bridge Over Troubled Waters”.
         Let the music beging and hopefully it will never end.

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