Are Strangers Are Our Best Friends?

    Here I am in the morning drinking a cup of coffee with French Vanilla cream wondering what approach I will take  today. I first check my stocks both in my 401k and my Ira accounts and wished I had a modern portfolio, Facebook,Linkedin,Google, Tesla, Amazon, and Netflix.
It’s fun to dream and to be grateful that I did have a double digit gain on what I do have. I start by going on my Facebook page under Howard Silvers and see what my FB friends want to share. I think I have some six hundred friends and the majority of them I never met. A lot of the people in my life who I do know have not really been that supported now that I have been out of photo retail going om  close to two years. If I knew then what I know now I probably would of kept my mouth shut and just concentrate that my retirement or what I call searching  for my new journey is right around the corner. Even on Facebook I very rarely get a simple   how are you, I think that they might also get unemployitis and find themselves on the un-employmet line. Life goes on with my journey, studying   for my insurance license and hope I can help people with their THINKING about their eventual retirement, or in plain English, do you have enough money for your future. So far I have approached many and they are appreciative for the information but no Cigar. I will keep trying and have to feel good that perhaps a stranger may eventually be a friend. Any of you just need to say hello to me, the stranger in your life, then please call me at 630-366-0469(630-fon-0-how).