Trying to introduce my new journey, emphasizing the importance of having some kind of financial foundation saved for the future is like getting a winning lotto ticket. I posted on my
every day comptuter favorites, every day on Circle, Facebook and Linkedin. I am not much of a Twitter fan.. So far I have gotten more likes from my fellow Candy Sagaers thann anyone else. I
have played this game and accumulated over a trillion at the Qbet Casino and cannot figure out
where all these people get the time and motivation for all of this life STOPAGE. Maybe playing games and trying to be better than the ones you are playing against is more important than to think
about if they have enough money for their Old Age. I know that the clock is ticking so LOUD that I can hear it without wearing my hearing aids. 
     In all seriousness, I feel that I never knew that I needed to start recruitingthe minute I learned
to talk. Evem when I was in nursery school it never ocurred to me that I would need to make friends at the age of four. Can you imagine how many people I could of recruited in sixty three years. Every teacher, doctors, my aunts, uncles, cousins, people at the gasoline station, teachers,
lawyers, policemen, firemen, Rabbis,Priests, and on and on. Man o Man I would of had calling cards made when I went trick or treating, and infact being an only child I would of yelled at my
parents for not adopting at least fourteen brothers and sisters. I hate to say this but perhaps if my parents would of gotten remarried at least three or four more times I would not have to worry about recruiting. I have to stay on course and just RECRUIT.
                          So here is what I want to say to my recruits, I am trying to help you to learn from my mistakes. I cannot believe that sixty seven years of my life has passed me by. I day dream about if I only purchased Apple computer at $2.50, but I know there were once multi-millionaires who wished they never met a Man named Madoff. Every time I go to a restaurant or like yesterday I visited a time share, I spread my mission. I don’t want to go to the financial meetings at time because I have no recruits. Many successful people reversed their pattern, by believing in themselves. I am not going to give up, I will just have to recruit and recruit and recruit.

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