Is My New Journey Means Changing It’s Routine?

weIt’s been a two and a half journey since I started my new journey . I thought I was going to die a camera salesman, instead it was a 2011  New Years awakening at the age of sixty-five that the party was over and I had to start my life all over again.

I never thought I would have to  start all over again.  My wife  keep needling me that is what I should of expected this when you major in your hobby, photography. In the next eighteen months I learned that my 9-5 job Routine, was not a real journey.

So what is my new journey, and how is my routine going to be different? The first thing I know I will have that I certainly will have more time in my day to discover my new journey.  My routine will be different,  and hopefully exciting. I can now use my cell phone when I want to, go to the wash room when I needed to go. No more lunch schedule, and I no longer had to worry about budgeting  my time, thus the same o same o-Routine.

Sure I could not get away about establishing my new routine, in essence this was the building block for my next journey. So lets look how I changed my routine:

a) Make sure that I have my cup of coffee and a Complete Breakfast. Sorry, no more McDonalds  Drive Thru. ($10.00 of Gas a day and $4 for a Egg Mac Muffin)

b)Checking my favorite Apps I have on my phone, Gmail,AOL Mail, Facebook, LinkedIn, and my two television replacement, Scribd and

c)Find causes that will that I get involve with that will give me joy and satisfaction.

d)Take a hold on my financial game plan.

e) My health and my spirituality are my treasures.

Even though some of my causes have not been so successful, I feel that there will be other ones. It’s just a matter of discovering what other vehicles that are available to me.

I would like to hear from other journsters  would might want to share their journeys on my blog.