Dad, You Never Let Your Daughter, Kazzi the Cat Go Out Anywhere.

Some prom date Dad, just a bunch of talking and did not even get a kiss good night from my date, might as well consider myself lucky, I rushed to get my hair done and my teeth brushed and all night I life had to smell my date’s DOG breath and his meows about baseball.

What a crappy life, I want to go out and see the world like you and mom. Why didn’t you take me to Costco last weekend? I hear you spent two hours tasting all of the delicious samples. Did you get any of them for me? Give me their phone number, I will tell them what I want for me and my pet buddies.

Ok Kazzi, Uncle Jim is coming over and you can tell him to add your COSTCO idea to his Pet Wellness concept. Dad you are not funnny. I would love just want to have a Super Store dedicated just for my friends and myself. A store that has pictures of cats and dogs, food samples especially made for us, music of birds twirping, a running track, a walk-in beauty salon, computers and IPads made just for us. A fitness club, a café, a swimming pool and sauna, cool looking doctors, and  just thinking about it make me want to go to the litter box. Kazzi, I never thought about it, but you are Right,  I will post your idea  my LinkedIn  and hopefully some one at Costco or Sam’s Club would also like to take their Pets to work.