Kazzi the Cat(My Daughter) Wants Her Own Pets Television Network.

My daughter, Kazzi the cat loves to watch television with us. She constantly stands up and blocks my wife wife’s view and of course the yelling starts  at poor Kazzi to sit down so we can all  watch the Property Bothers. I know Kazzi feels bad, and I can’t blame her  for going up stairs  to watch her own TV. It was  that night that I thought that perhaps Kazzi should have her own television network. Hey if I can have the FOOD NETWORK and the HOME GARDEN TV NETWORK, why cannot the 86.4 million cats and 78.2 million dogs can have their own television network. What do you think Kazzi? I can see the gleam in her eyes, her paws started to drummed and her ears radered up and down. She was telling me that she wanted television programs that would educate all the companion owners about the goods and services that are available, give her the chance to listen and watch her favorite cat music performers.  She also confessed that she has a crush on the Grumpy cat and it would only be fitting to have her own cat soap  operas, and a show about her favorite fish. Sure and maybe a  special version show-The Iron Cat Chef. You know, Kazzi  Uncle Jim is working on this, and here is what he is planning to do. Uncle Jim’s Television network will have two launch options: 1-Internet programming(most cost effective) -2Cable TV network/ celebrity show host.  The inaugural season will produce  25 shows, and at some point will air on a network television. The shows will emphasize both the educational and entertainment formats. They will meaningful and will stress the importance of making a total commitment to the companion animal industry.  There are 20 thirty episodes already written and  he has three nationally doctors already on board.  A trailer will be produced once he get a national sponsor. Here are some of the segments; Shelters and Rescues, The underground railroad, Suburban/city and country living, Equine interest, Animal-friendly communities, Preventive medicine, Veterinary rehabilitation, (largest growing modality in veterinary medicine today), Pet friendly vacation destinations, Pet friendly hotels and motels, Pet insurance(explained through a independent third party expert), Professional athletes giving back through their companion animals , Exotics, and the role they play in our world, Social media and their online structure, and Corporate citizenship. I am sure Kazzi will enjoy spending her day in front of the TV and appreciate seeing how many organizations, doctors, animal lovers and corporate America are just waiting to give her own Pets Television Network.

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