My Last President of The United States, Donald John Trump

I am going to be Seventy years old on October 22nd of this year. It just occurred to me that this Donald John Trump could be my last United States President while I am alive on this planet. ¬†Look at all the presidents I was able to be alive with, Harry S. Truman. Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy. Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard M. Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald W. Regan, George H. W. Bush, Bill J. Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama, and finally Donald J Trump. I don’t want to give my reasons why I think he will be our next president, but what I want from him

Like many of older citizens, I want to be able to afford the proper medical care for me and my wife, she is disabled like me, and there is no reason why she has to stop working and wait five months to get her social security, and wait two years to get Medicare. With the proper medical clearance she should only have to ¬†wait thirty days. Like most of us who are disabled, we spent most of our working lives earning less that $15.00 an hour so we can have affordable health insurance. President Trump if you want to save money on health care, help us seniors who need medical care, Now. The longer we wait, the more money it’s going to cost us later. Another thing is to get rid of the partial declaration of income when we reach seventy and a half. The taxes we pay on our savings and investments will make it harder for us Social Security incomers to be able to Survive! Maybe a fewer less bricks and mortar will make up the difference.

As of Sunday May Ist, there are approximately some 323,727,195 people living in the United States, heck thats only 4.38% of the world’s population, let’s double it, China has 1,409,028,690, and India is a close second at 1,295,967,424. President Trump, forget about immigration, the more people, the more goods and services we are going to need. More jobs, competition, educators, doctors, lawyers, soldiers, judges, farmers, scientists, garbage collectors, car mechanics, cops, a bigger military and of course a larger printing press, but this time the paper we print has to be back by our gold and silver reserves. President Trump just think of all the skyscrapers that will need to keep your country going. You have inspired all of us to live in HARMoney. We can only get better, education and medical for all. We are going to love everyone, Muslims, Mexicans, and most of all our enimies, who once were born from their enemas!

I can’t wait to see our new United States, everyone helping each other, no more hatred, education for all, free medical care, and no more poverty. There will be jobs for every one, fair taxes and most of all a national pride that we live in the greatest country on Planet Earth. This will all happen because of you President Trump.

I would like to ask my fellow Americans what else would they like to have president Trump to do. Sorry Hillary, Bernie, Ted and John, you just don’t got what Donald Trump has, charisma, confidence, imagination, loyalty and the love of his country.

Wow, did I take the wrong dosage of my medicine tonight?