Sanders And Clinton Clinch The Presidency?

At almost having lived on planet Earth for seven decades, I have never been much to care about politics. Being from Illinois, almost all of our elections have been Democratic, however the next election could pretty much determine my longevity. The big issue for much of us retirees have been the cost of HealthCare. Obamacare tried to address this issue, but I am afraid to say that because of freeing the pre-existing conditions it has only lead to higher premiums and deductibles. I need to ask how are Bernie and Hillary going to help my older generation? Please eliminate the two year wait period for collecting their disability(social security)?  The sooner disabled people are able to retire and be able to get cheaper health insurance, the more money health care providers will be able to save. Perhaps they might even want to have nursing home is the Philippines, where the costs per month will be about $500.00 versus the average cost of today’s $6000.00 a month that the elderly and the government are paying.

President Sanders is focusing on lower costs for going to college, lets have more affordable internet college cost, and more accessibility. As I mentioned before we also need more involvement with our corporations to get involve with their local high schools, lets have a Microsoft High, and an Intel High School. I feel that both Hillary and Bernie are more FOCUSED on our main problems in this country, rather than building walls and banning Moslems.(Our first amendment of the United States.)

I commend Donald Trump for securing the Republican nomination, but I do not feel he is the role model for our future generation. I do not want to go in specifics, I will let his actions speak for themselves. Right now, I am scared if I am going to keep my house, at the same time be able to get affordable health care.

Sorry if I am pissing off many of my Trump friends, but they are not going to pay my mortgage and medical bills! So with enough said, I hope to congratulate President Bernie Sanders, and Vice-President Hillary Clinton(Our new president-2020.)

For Mr. Trump he will get to know  how it feels when the American people say, “You Are Fired.”