$165,000,000,000.00 of Food IS Wasted Each Year By All of Us.

Yesterday I was experiencing my epicurean delight at a wonderful Hibachi in Indiana. I certainly did not know where to begin, they had hundreds of food selections, and I tried very hard to realize that my eyers were bigger than my stomach, however at the table next to mine I saw a mound of unfinished fruits, some salad and a couple of half filled glasses of soda. I am sure that I could walk around this restaurant see enough wasted food that would feed at least a hundred homeless people. I been to some buffets in the Philippines, where they will charge you more if you don’t finish most of your food on your plate. It’s very sad, and disrespectful to all those people around the world who’s daily diet is a cup of rice in salt water. We Americans take our food choices for granted and yet we become so ungrateful, and think that the government is not doing enough. However we are unaware that most of our thrown away food goes into our massive landfills, thus releases methane gas into our atmosphere.

I wish our local governments as well as both the state and federal governments could help us to dispose our undated food. Just think how many people around the world could be fed. In ten years it could translate in to a trillion dollars of food. There should be tax incentives for food producers, restaurants, and even us Americans. Just like we can recycle an aluminum can, maybe (in powder form), a Big Mac, French Fries and a Coke to a family who not only have the daily problem of putting food to eat on their table, but most likely do not have a table.

So the next time you go to a restaurant particularly a buffet, look around and see how much food that is wasted.


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