The Good, Bad, Ugly: Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, and Ray Kroc.

I just recently s the movie “Founder”, the store of the struggle of a tenacious milk shake salesman Ray Kroc, through his desire to capitalize on two brothers who last names were McDonald. He saw the opportunity of revolutionizing the fast food restaurant business, and literally made a hamburger a household name, which became as we know it today, The McDonalds Corporation, a market value of 100.7 billion dollars

Like other great thinkers and doers, helices of Thomas Edison, invented of the phonograph, motion picture projector and the light bulb,  hired other inventors and pocketed over one-thousand patents, his greatest company had a spokesman named President Ronald Regan, The General Electric Company, has a market value of almost 257 billion dollars.

Steve Jobs with the help with a fellow high school friend Steve Wozniak, that with the determination of an engineer and a salesman, that yo can turn a circuit board(Apple1), however Steve Jobs at first did not share his success with those who helped him The Apple Computer Company, as we know  into what is today The Apple Computer Corporation, a market value 640 billion dollars.

Three major US corporations, MCD-GE-AAPL that have combine value close to one trillion dollars, who started out as Good Men, and what most people perceived as Bad greedy people, and the way they became Ugly tyrants, that let nothing stand in their way for success. To day into the first week of Donald Trump’s presidency, we have already have a million women march for the rights of what I call “WomanKind”, ManKind. Lets see if history will repeat itself?

Maybe and I hope not that we will have a new global Stock Exchange, with The United States falling their other Stock Exchange members Russia, and China!

Not a real difference, no more trading PUTS, just PUTINS.