Starting To Think That Early Death Might Be Our Obama Care Replacement!

A I listened to Donald Trump’s inaugural address, I thought he was going to launch a football pass that would light up the faces of ten’s of millions of American faces, his replacement for our much needed affordable health care. Instead it was his old campaign speech all over again. Same-o-same-o more jobs, more factories returning to the United States, “Buy America, “Made in America” This sounds great, most people don’t or can’t work in a factory, and cannot afford to buy American products, has Donald Trump ever visit a dollar store, how many products that you see in these stores have items that were made in the United States.

I would like President Trump focus on keeping his fellow “Americans’   HEALTHY, and out of the “PoorHouse”.  While we have millions of women protesting on what is happing to not on their rights, but the rights of others in our world, Gun Violence and Climax Change. President Trump stated yesterday that he is giving the United States back to it’s people. You would think he would meet the Women of his great country today, and join them< no he went to the National Prayer Breakfast.

I am not getting much sleep lately, I depend on my social security payments, Maybe an early Death just be answer to lower the  health care costs for our younger Americans, for our first day in the office, president, Donald Trump, it was just a Break-Fast.

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