The Pregnancy of President Donald Trump Is About Due.

This coming September will be the ninth month of having “The Donald” as our president. You would think that it would be a “Birth of A Nation, instead we have witnessed a divide that be compared to that of the Civil War, unfortunately, I wish I could say that then President Abraham Lincoln was a giant among men compared to our now president Donald J. Trump. The Civil War was about freeing slaves, and to emphasize that all American are created equally. For president Trump, who couldn’t denounce the Charlotte Virginia Nazzi protesters was a blow in the gut to all those who suffered under Adolp Hitler, millions of Jews were massacred, but we shouldn’t be surprised, the country elected a certifiable human being who riddiculed, the handicapped, women, mexicans, climate control, and so many of his staff members, and yet we as a people cannot stand up to him, he has so many of his fellow republicans backing him, and yet we just have to weigh it out.

The Truth of the Matter we think that Donald Trump will come true on his promise of affordable health care, good paying jobs, and better living coditions in our country, is just a bunch of his pipe dreams. Right now the state of Texas is facing the after effects of huuricane Harvey, but it feels that the spirits from above is expressing it’s feelings of what is happening since Donald Trump has become our forty-fifth president of The United States.

I am seventy years old, and I thought I could live my final years in harmony, and a feeling that I am in synch with my fellow human beings, instead I just have to wait just another month for the birth of our leader, President Trump’s brain child.


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