Oprah, You Just Assured Donald Trump A Second Term As President.

Oprah busuggesting any kind of living human beings “have to die” implies that you, or anybody else has the right to suggest they can play God, and wish that human lives can end. I think I know the implication you were trying to imply, that racism will stop when we know longer have human beings that are racists, however through out history there has been wars afyer wars either based on religion or political belefs. It’t ain’t going to ever happen. There is just too many different kind of people on the planet, and you for one has certainly been bledded to rise up from peverty and have become a billionaire. People revere you, and feel that you have a lot of goodness in your heart, however this time you said one sentence too much, and you might of scared many white people, that you as our first Afro-American woman president of the United States might feel very strongly against the “white people” who don’t like “black people”. I truly agree with you that we do have a race problem in this country, but it’s a problem that will always will remain with us.

I can see how President Trump won the election, he told the American people what they wanted to hear, we need new jobs, we have a Muslim problem, we have an imigration problem, we pay too much taxes, we don’t need Obama Care, and we need to “Make America Great” again, you know what, he has made not just the rich richer, but most of the working Americans who have investment accounts, and we know that money talks, and if he can find a solution ┬áto have affordable health care, there is no way in Hell that any right American will vote for you or anyone else. Celebreties like you, can talk about all the short givings that Donald Trump has, and I for one think there are many, but the bottom line, is about survival and money. Maybe we need to run the country as a buisness, there is so much we need to address, I now I couldn’t do it, but I know that I need my social security, and I hope I can find a solution to have affordable health care for my wife to be able to retire.

Hopefully there will be a solution, one thing for sure.

“Thou Shalt Not Kill”.

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