Walmart, By Raising Your Minimum Wage To $11.00 Might Be Our Health Care Solution.

Today Walmart just announced that they are raising their minimum wage to $11.00 an hour might the answer to solving the problem in this country for receiving the affordable health care that they find hard to purchase. Well this might be partially true, by raising salaries  means a lot more people will trying get a job, any kind of job, just to put food on their table and and have a little bit leftover to pay their rent, or maybe the reverse. My point is that Walmart can start implementing twenty-four hours a day medical centers that can be equipped with Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, but to do that they a lot more employees to help run the store.

You are probably snickering at me, why in hell would any medical professional would in all places work in a Wal-Mart, and at night or in the early hours? Simple, MONEY. The average family physician in the United States makes in an average of just $145,000.00, a liitle less than our US Senators, they still have to pay their medical insurance, staff, rents, and supplies and still make themselves accountable to both to the US government, and the demanding insurace companies. It’s about time our government realize that we have a medical insurance crisis in this country, and we need doctors, medical professionals, so let’s finally give them a Break for all the long years of schooling, and not to mention still having to pay off ┬átheir gigantic student loans. Medical professionals should not have to pay any taxes, whatsover, and the government should resume their medical insurance. At the present rate that the typical family physician is paid, ($145,000.00), at a 40 hour week comes out to be a little less than seventy dollars an hour, before taxes. Wal-Mart can certainly afford to pay their new doctor employees one hundred dollars an hour, or maybe even more, they will not have to pay for medical insurance, and now become our new medical clinics around the clock.

I know that this is not the total fix to our health care problem, but maybe it might be the start of having affordable medical clinics and pharmacies around the United States, and start a new trend in this country, let’s take of our Americans at an affordable price, and hopefully this will reduce so much of the sky high cost of health care insurance in this country. Sure this is not going to replace our much needed hospitals, but in the long end, it will bring down the costs of medical care in this country.

I can see that our largest corporations will play a significent role in help solving what I think is our number one priority in this country, affordable health care.

Thank You Walmart, and a special thanks to Dr. Sam.


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