My Daughter(Kazzi the Cat) Has Her First Date, Please Brush My Teeth

It’s been quite a crazy week for my daughter,  Kazzi has been asked by one of the football players, Dalton a big orange alley cat to go to the Kat Elementary School prom.  Like any father I am very reluctant to let my little kitten go out with this big thug. I love my daughter and  know I  have to realize Kazzi is growing up and needs to find her happiness, but I don’t want her to get hurt. . With my wife’s assurance we decided to let Kazzi go to her prom. Our household went from a noisy thunder to a serene harmony. I had a new Cinderella in the house. I went from POP to Daddy. Every I hear time  the word Daddy, it really means$$$$$$$.

Kazzi couldn’t stop meeeowing and licking me, her wonderful daddy. My wife, Teresita  asked me for the credit card and couldn’t wait to turn Kazzi her cat-child intothe most “UnGrumpy” Kat in the World, Right away a call was made to our pet grooming pet salon and couldn’t believe the sad news, the next available appointment was in two weeks. Even after making numerous phone calls, and in desperation Teresita call her own beauty shop, we could not attain a groomster for Kazzi. Tears started to pour out of Kazzi’s eyes, I don’t want to look like a street cat, and with a crap meow coming out of her mouth, dad, if you can walk into your barber without an appointment, why can’t I?

What a great idea Kazzi! I called up her Uncle Jim, and told him to add it to his new Pet animal concept. A walk-in beauty parlor for our animal children, and maybe they can also brush their teeth.

P.S- Teresita’s beautician stop over to the house, and performed her magic. Kazzi was now ready to meet her Prince Charming.

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