How Big Is Your Corporation?

      Last Friday night I watch favorite TV show, Shark Tank. It’s unbelievable how some of the contestants on this show can get their miracle financial break and land a deal with the SHARKS.
Wouldn’t this be nice to have your own million dollar Corporation, but wait a minute, maybe you do and don’t even know it. Yes, I mean you, me, and perhaps your two year old grand daughter.
For almost seven decades I have been trying to finish and yet to find the perfect path that will give my journey for happiness and a big treasures chest full of diamonds, gold and enough money, to tell and show the people of our Planet Earth that I made it.
      What I now realize that I am the owner a corporation called HowieCorp, and it has  a few employees, my wife Teresita, my  ninety five year old Mom, a  cat name Kazzi, relatives, friends, people I don’t know and of course many enemies. Finally, the answer that I have been searching for, my next journey, has been with me from the time my first relative was cast on Earth,  and all of those people who will be part of my history for many decades after the day I die. Hope not too soon.
     Probably the first thing I must ask myself, that what are the assets Howie Company has, what does it earn and how much does it OWE. Moneywise it does have much, probably a 4-1
ratio of assets to debt ratio, it has a home, a condo, some land, investments, credit card bills and equity loans, a lot of antiquated photo equipment, collectibles that I should of not purchased, a old desk top computer and crappy laptops, cash draining time shares, 2 and half cars( a 1984 Jaguar XJS that hasn’t run in five years, some furniture and  a worthless storage locker.
     However I have another partner in my corporation, my wife. I am on her insurance and she has her savings and a 401k. I wish my mom would live with us(she spends $2500.00 living a subsisted apt.). Between the two of us we are able to keep the corporation is a float and shows a slight  monthly profit.
     Even though I have relatives and friends that do not contribute to my  HowieCorp, I still consider them as my potential stock holders. No matter what I can proudly walk like Bill Gates,
Warren Buffet and My favorite Shark Tanker Mark Cuban, and who knows I just might lucky enough to  go up to  a perfect stranger, a lotto agent and say Welcome, I am the owner of HowieCorp, and if you sell me a winning 100 million dollar lotto ticket  I buy you a new Rolls Royce.