Today Everyone In Great Britain Won The Lotto.

Yesterday, the Dow Jones Index went up over two hundred points, and to know surprise it lost six hundred and ten points. If we only knew. Goldman Sachs lost ten points, JP Morgan Chase lost over four points, and IBM lost over eight points. On the plus side gold was up almost sixty dollars an ounce. If we only knew, but as in the Jim Carrey movie, “Bruce Almighty”, everyone won the lotto, if we only knew. but, Great Britainers, and I mean Great Britain, all knew that, even though the vote was close, 51.9% to 48.1%, that they were going to leave the European Union, heads, I don”t, tales I do. If this is an option spread, then what is.

Look at the case of Martha Stewart, was told by a doctor who founded his company ImClone, to sell the $200,000.00 of stock she owned. The government viewed this as inside trading and she was sentenced  to a five month prison, plus five months of home confinement. Here is a woman who as of last year has a net worth close to $300 million dollars, made a personal mistake and had to re- arrange ten months of her life. I think some kind of community service and maybe could of built a hospital in a poor neighborhood, would be more justifiable.  Do you think  the world should put in jail the 17 million Brits that voted for “”Brexit, in jail for inside trading? Last August a Leicester,(professional English football team) had their odds of winning a championship as 5000-1, I guess Brits love their odds, and who wouldn’t. Life is a gamble, or does it have to be?

I know many of you, would say to me, that I could of just take two separate financial positions, and bet on both sides, I probably should of, but I like to take chances on a sure thing, maybe on a world that could of prevented what we saw happening on today’s market.

You know what, I guest this was the day that we were all Losers, for those who made some money, you will look back at this day,  and realize that you were responsible for some horrible times ahead of us, and for those who just want to live good and healthy life, remember today, that we all can make a difference in this world, if we all work together  to  stop the violence and greed in this world. Don’t tell us that your God allows you to murder forty-nine people at a gay night club in Orlando, or to a politician who want to build walls around our country, ban Muslims from entering our country, making the cost of health care only being affordable to the wealthy, lets have a $10,000.00 license fee for owning an assault rifle with a six month waiting period,make the ruthless killing of any of our veterans a felony, and punishable by death. I can go on and on.

However,today, should be a wake up call, that we live in a world that we can all make a difference, and it just more than than to leave an union of other countries! “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain,and establish this Constitution for the United States of America”.

Cecil, Please Take Care Of The Champ.

Two of God’s creatures have really affective me recently, Cecil the Lion, was first wounded with an arrow shot by an American dentist, Walter Palmer, and forty hours later killed in July !st, was killed by Dr. Palmer. Cecil a magnificant  lion,  living in Hwange National Park, the largest game reserve in Zimbabwe, Africa. Public outrage poured in by the hundreds of thousands over the killings of so many defenseless animals. Animal killers, call it “Sport Hunting”. I call it MURDER. Why do so many get their pleasures from killing, or in the life of Muhammad Ali, watching two black men wanting to inflict punishment in their sport hunting , or as in the case of Billy “Kid” Paret, to win the Welter WIEGT- TITLE  in 1960,  only to lose his title seven months later to Emile  Griffith. On March 24,1962 Griffith hit Paret 29 times including 18 punches in six seconds, the referee stopped the fight,  and cruely,  Paret went into a coma and later on died. , in essence another case of “Sport Hunting”.

My obsession with boxing, was never so evident,  growing up with “The Greatest”, Muhammad Ali. He made the 1960’s an unbelievable decade, Kennedy’s assassination, the Viet Nam war, Woodstock, the Beatles, and even sending a Man to the Moon. Ali represented so much to us, not wanting to murder innocent people, the rights of minorities, being a great athlete, and of course, the right to be out spoken. He certainly was all of that, sentence to prison for five years, stood up for the Civil Rights Movement in 1960, three time Heavyweight Champion of the World, and most of all, I believe that he showed us that it is nothing to be ashamed about being “Black”.

On June 3, 2016, Ali lost his greatest fight with Parkinson, and entered his new arena, Heaven, The Land of Butterflies, and with a very courageous, King, Cecil the LION, new job is to protect “The Champ”, Moses, Muhammad, and Jesus.

As I listened to all of the eulogies said at Muhammad Ali’s funeral, the one that stood ou to me, was given by Rabbi Joe Rapport, the Rabbi of Congregation Adath Israel-Brit-Shalom- in Louisville, Ky. remarked about “The Champ”,  “I am not the  fighter that Ali was, and I may not have the courage he never lacked, and I am not as pretty, but in in my heart and in my hope and in my prayers, “I am Ali.”

Thank you Rabbi Rapport, but I feel not only we can be Ali, we can also protect and love everyone in our world, by not hunting  for sport, and  to make our world, Ali’s arena, and , Cecil’s kingdom, a much needed real Heaven,  where we can finally know what the Sixth Commandment means, Thou shalt not kill!

Sanders And Clinton Clinch The Presidency?

At almost having lived on planet Earth for seven decades, I have never been much to care about politics. Being from Illinois, almost all of our elections have been Democratic, however the next election could pretty much determine my longevity. The big issue for much of us retirees have been the cost of HealthCare. Obamacare tried to address this issue, but I am afraid to say that because of freeing the pre-existing conditions it has only lead to higher premiums and deductibles. I need to ask how are Bernie and Hillary going to help my older generation? Please eliminate the two year wait period for collecting their disability(social security)?  The sooner disabled people are able to retire and be able to get cheaper health insurance, the more money health care providers will be able to save. Perhaps they might even want to have nursing home is the Philippines, where the costs per month will be about $500.00 versus the average cost of today’s $6000.00 a month that the elderly and the government are paying.

President Sanders is focusing on lower costs for going to college, lets have more affordable internet college cost, and more accessibility. As I mentioned before we also need more involvement with our corporations to get involve with their local high schools, lets have a Microsoft High, and an Intel High School. I feel that both Hillary and Bernie are more FOCUSED on our main problems in this country, rather than building walls and banning Moslems.(Our first amendment of the United States.)

I commend Donald Trump for securing the Republican nomination, but I do not feel he is the role model for our future generation. I do not want to go in specifics, I will let his actions speak for themselves. Right now, I am scared if I am going to keep my house, at the same time be able to get affordable health care.

Sorry if I am pissing off many of my Trump friends, but they are not going to pay my mortgage and medical bills! So with enough said, I hope to congratulate President Bernie Sanders, and Vice-President Hillary Clinton(Our new president-2020.)

For Mr. Trump he will get to know  how it feels when the American people say, “You Are Fired.”