Thank You Philip Johnston, Today is Code Talker Day.

On August 14th. 1982 President Ronald Regan instituted  that day to honor the 400-500 Native Americans in the United States Marine Corp. who used their Native-American language as a means to transmit secretive messages among our fighting soldiers throughout the Pacific Theatre in hope of defeating the Axis powers.

The idea of using the Navajo language was actually proposed by a son of a missionary, Philip Johnston. Moving with his family to Arizona in 1896 , the elder Johnston was to intervene the violent tensions between the Navajos and Anglos over the rustlings of the Navajo livestock. By 1901 the young Johnston boy(Philip) learned to speak Navajo with the other children. Through the dedication of the Johnston family they were able to speak to then President Theodore Roosevelt which lead to expanding the land occupied by the Navajo Reservation.  While serving in World WarI  Philip Johnston learned about the Comanches used as Code  Talkers by the U.S. Army.  Working as a civilian in Los Angeles when the attack of Pearl harbor occurred, He presented to the US Marine Corp. the using of specialized Navajos that were bilingual, to be able to communicate among themselves, thus having a defense of any Japanese interception.

On the morning of May 4, 1942, the first twenty-nine Navajo(Code Talkers)recruits boarded the bus at Fort Defiance, Arizona. Upon the completion of the seven week program, 382 Navajo graduates eventually were ready to report to Camp Elliot for their basic communication training. By December 7,  1942, a very proud Staff Sergeant Philip Johnston supervised The Navajo School of Communications, (approximately 450 gradutes)

How one man’s vision, and the use of a special Navajo language was very much responsible for the personal freedom I enjoy today. My heart and prayers go out to all of the families of the fallen Code Talkers.

Today is a day to celebrate, honor, and fly all of all Our American Flags at Half Staff. Thank You Philip Johnston.

Dad, You Never Let Your Daughter, Kazzi the Cat Go Out Anywhere.

Some prom date Dad, just a bunch of talking and did not even get a kiss good night from my date, might as well consider myself lucky, I rushed to get my hair done and my teeth brushed and all night I life had to smell my date’s DOG breath and his meows about baseball.

What a crappy life, I want to go out and see the world like you and mom. Why didn’t you take me to Costco last weekend? I hear you spent two hours tasting all of the delicious samples. Did you get any of them for me? Give me their phone number, I will tell them what I want for me and my pet buddies.

Ok Kazzi, Uncle Jim is coming over and you can tell him to add your COSTCO idea to his Pet Wellness concept. Dad you are not funnny. I would love just want to have a Super Store dedicated just for my friends and myself. A store that has pictures of cats and dogs, food samples especially made for us, music of birds twirping, a running track, a walk-in beauty salon, computers and IPads made just for us. A fitness club, a café, a swimming pool and sauna, cool looking doctors, and  just thinking about it make me want to go to the litter box. Kazzi, I never thought about it, but you are Right,  I will post your idea  my LinkedIn  and hopefully some one at Costco or Sam’s Club would also like to take their Pets to work.


My Daughter(Kazzi the Cat) Has Her First Date, Please Brush My Teeth

It’s been quite a crazy week for my daughter,  Kazzi has been asked by one of the football players, Dalton a big orange alley cat to go to the Kat Elementary School prom.  Like any father I am very reluctant to let my little kitten go out with this big thug. I love my daughter and  know I  have to realize Kazzi is growing up and needs to find her happiness, but I don’t want her to get hurt. . With my wife’s assurance we decided to let Kazzi go to her prom. Our household went from a noisy thunder to a serene harmony. I had a new Cinderella in the house. I went from POP to Daddy. Every I hear time  the word Daddy, it really means$$$$$$$.

Kazzi couldn’t stop meeeowing and licking me, her wonderful daddy. My wife, Teresita  asked me for the credit card and couldn’t wait to turn Kazzi her cat-child intothe most “UnGrumpy” Kat in the World, Right away a call was made to our pet grooming pet salon and couldn’t believe the sad news, the next available appointment was in two weeks. Even after making numerous phone calls, and in desperation Teresita call her own beauty shop, we could not attain a groomster for Kazzi. Tears started to pour out of Kazzi’s eyes, I don’t want to look like a street cat, and with a crap meow coming out of her mouth, dad, if you can walk into your barber without an appointment, why can’t I?

What a great idea Kazzi! I called up her Uncle Jim, and told him to add it to his new Pet animal concept. A walk-in beauty parlor for our animal children, and maybe they can also brush their teeth.

P.S- Teresita’s beautician stop over to the house, and performed her magic. Kazzi was now ready to meet her Prince Charming.

Kazzi the Cat(My Daughter) Wants Her Own Pets Television Network.

My daughter, Kazzi the cat loves to watch television with us. She constantly stands up and blocks my wife wife’s view and of course the yelling starts  at poor Kazzi to sit down so we can all  watch the Property Bothers. I know Kazzi feels bad, and I can’t blame her  for going up stairs  to watch her own TV. It was  that night that I thought that perhaps Kazzi should have her own television network. Hey if I can have the FOOD NETWORK and the HOME GARDEN TV NETWORK, why cannot the 86.4 million cats and 78.2 million dogs can have their own television network. What do you think Kazzi? I can see the gleam in her eyes, her paws started to drummed and her ears radered up and down. She was telling me that she wanted television programs that would educate all the companion owners about the goods and services that are available, give her the chance to listen and watch her favorite cat music performers.  She also confessed that she has a crush on the Grumpy cat and it would only be fitting to have her own cat soap  operas, and a show about her favorite fish. Sure and maybe a  special version show-The Iron Cat Chef. You know, Kazzi  Uncle Jim is working on this, and here is what he is planning to do. Uncle Jim’s Television network will have two launch options: 1-Internet programming(most cost effective) -2Cable TV network/ celebrity show host.  The inaugural season will produce  25 shows, and at some point will air on a network television. The shows will emphasize both the educational and entertainment formats. They will meaningful and will stress the importance of making a total commitment to the companion animal industry.  There are 20 thirty episodes already written and  he has three nationally doctors already on board.  A trailer will be produced once he get a national sponsor. Here are some of the segments; Shelters and Rescues, The underground railroad, Suburban/city and country living, Equine interest, Animal-friendly communities, Preventive medicine, Veterinary rehabilitation, (largest growing modality in veterinary medicine today), Pet friendly vacation destinations, Pet friendly hotels and motels, Pet insurance(explained through a independent third party expert), Professional athletes giving back through their companion animals , Exotics, and the role they play in our world, Social media and their online structure, and Corporate citizenship. I am sure Kazzi will enjoy spending her day in front of the TV and appreciate seeing how many organizations, doctors, animal lovers and corporate America are just waiting to give her own Pets Television Network.