A National No Show For Work Solidarity! HEALTH CARE

How bad do we need affordable health care, what is it going to take, how can we compromise, to take care of the well being of our great country. I have heard many time times that if don’t have your good health, then what good is your money going to for you. When we die, surely we can leave it to our love ones, and our favorite chairities, but personally I want to live a little bit longer, and spend what ever I have to get the best health care possible. Unlike teve Jobs, who wouldn’t listen to his doctores, and adress his pancreas cancer right away, he procrastinated much too long, and died twenty years than he should of. We as acountry pride our selves for our great freedoms and accomplishments, but as a country, we really deprive ourselves as being able to fine tune our health, we will spend excessive amounts of money on car washes and going to the beauty parlor, and of course so many wastefull financial spendings, but we we should, don’t take care of our health as we should, most of the time it is the time and cost. How many of us are afraid to leave our jobs, because of the fear of not getting affoprdable health care, and in my wife’s case (who has polio) has to work two more years before she can qualify for Medicare.

The time is now for America, to tell our elected officials, especially our nine month president Donald Trump, that the first priority of the United States of America, is to take care of it’s Citizens, this should have preferance over walls, defense, and eduaction, in essence I am saying, get the money, either by additional taxation, or cutting out excessive apendings in our budget. If other countries can do it, we certainly can do it.

I will make this short and simple, we either have a three day work strike, or in the long senario, get ready to die earlier than you really wanted to!