A Weak(Week) Later, and My #Trumpitis#.

Last week took me for a surprise, as half of the nation voted Donald Trump as our newly elected #forty-fifth president of the United States#. I know I owe newly-elected President Donald Trump an apology, but I feel that he should curtail his remarks about women, the disabled, and minorities(Hispanics, & Muslims).  However I feel that the only recourse I have is to support him, and encourage Americas to get involve, and make suggestions on what they feel the country needs. So just as I put on my last #Hillary # blog, I would make the following ideas to President Trump and the American people on what they might want to see happen.

A) Free medical care for our veterans.

B) No more Homeless Veterans, a job awaits for all those who served our country in Valor and Honor.

C) Murder of a Veteran is a Capital Crime.

D) No taxes on Social Security.

E) Eliminate the two year waiting period for the #Disabled# to receive Medicare.

F) $300.00 a month will be allowed to be taken out of retirements (after ten years), subject to no taxes.

G) Equity loans will no longer to be require to make accelerated payments after ten years.

H) Let insurance companies through out the United States compete for health care.

I) Legalize all drugs, under medical super vison

J) Everyone pay their fair share of taxes, including religious institutions, hospitals, and charities.

K) Put a  limit, on the amount that can be taken off our due tax bills.

L) Tax incentive, for all hotels, and restaurants donating food and water to the #Homeless#

M) All #Medications# will be stored on a national registry.

N) A six month waiting period for all assault #weapons#, and limit the quantity of ammunition for each before they can can be a registered owner.

O) #Bully# insurance for parents, educational institutions.

P) Better regulations in the #Time Share# industry, owners will be allowed to sell back their timeshares back to the developers, subject to a 50% loss after four years of ownership.

Q) All #insurance# sales people will be required to go to school for three months, and pass a national exam, before they can be licensed.

R) #Refugees# have to wait like all of others who had to wait.

S) All American companies have to incorporate  in the United States before they can do business in the United States.

T) Term limits for all of our elected officials, two terms, just like the President of the United States.

U) Limit the number ofpensions of of our government officials, you think they can live on just two pensions?

W) A cabinet post that will help our minorities, especially our #Native Americans#.

X)  Make our National Election a holiday, perhaps replace it with Columbus Day.

Y) Let’s support our newly elected government officials, especially our 45th president, Donald J. Trump.

Z) Be grateful that I was able to  visit my dentist, (Smile Solutions, she told me that my Trumpitis-will get better in a couple of weeks, and also be happy that Donald Trump will take our National Security quite seriously. She reminded me that her Native country, Poland was devastated for her and  family , and she hopes that we can end the threats of Communism. Just give Donald a chance to see what he can do.

Well here is my apology, I would like to hear from you.

What would you add to my list?

Congratulations To President Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton.

I am glad that I reached my seventieth birthday(October 22), to witness the election our first woman president,  Even though it was probably one of the dirtiest presidential fights in America’s history. It has showed me that our United States are not United as we should be, Donald Trump sure made that quite clear.  Who did he not insult, the disabled, Muslims, Hispanics, Women, Asians, and Native Americans. Perhaps he should have a new venture, a new deck of cards, all fifty two of them representing all of the people he has made fun of. What both our two presidential candidates didn’t realize that their are disabled  Americans like myself and my wife who are struggling to figure how to meet our financial  obligations. With all the debates about walls, defense, education, abortion, refugees, and taxes,  couldn’t they just talk about just asking us What Americans really need?

Madam President, I am sure that you will be my last President of The United States, and if you don’t mind if I can give you some of my suggestions?

A) Free medical care for our Veterans.

B) Social Security is not taxable.

C) Only one pension be allowed for our governmental officials.

D) Medicare for the disabled starts at the age of fifty-five.

E) Three hundred dollars a month will be allowed to be taken out of retirement accounts,(after ten years), subject to no taxes.

F) The murder of a Veteran is subject to Capital Punishment.

G) Equity loans cannot be subjected to having accelerating payments after ten years.

H) Let the Insurance companies compete with one another,

I) Legalize all drugs, and help those who are addicted.

J) Everyone pays their fair share of taxes, including religious institutions, hospitals, and charities.

K) Put a limit on the deduction, that can be taken of one’s income tax. Thank you, Donald Trump.

L) Better treatments and understandings of our FIRST Americans, Our Native Americans.

M) All Veterans will never have to go Homeless.

N) Term Limits for both our House of Representatives and Senators, perhaps, like the Madam President, Two Terms.

O) Tax Incentives for all hotels and restaurants of donating left over food and bottled water to our homeless missions.

P) All medications will be stored on a government national registry.

Q) A six month waiting period for all assault weapons, and a limit on the quantity of ammunition for each registered owner.

R) Bully Insurance, parents of bullies in our school system will be financially liable for their children actions.

S) Better regulations, in the time-share industry, owners should be guaranteed to get no less than fifty percent of their investment after three years of ownership from their time share sellers.

T) All insurance salesmen should have to go to school for at least three months, so they can pass national exam.

U) Refugees have to wait just like, all the rest of the people who wa entered the United States.

W) Lower corporate taxes, American companies can only incorporate in The United States.

Y) Congratulate our New 45th President of The United States, and let her make her mark on history.

Z) Mrs. Clinton was very gracious, after Donald Trump let the world know, that when he becomes president, that he would put Mrs, Clinton in prison! How about if President Clinton returns the favor.

It’s about time that Americans finally say to Donald Trump, “You Are Fired.” Go to jail, and you did not pass your goal.

Lets make America stronger, and support our new president. I want to hear your ideas, Oh yeah, President Clinton had to wait one week for her birthday present, Happy Birthday from www.howiemaui.com.