How Can You Not Love Ronald McDonald?

Yesterday I attended the annual McDonald’s Share Holders meeting help at their corporate headquarters in Oak Brook,Illinois. This was my third and hopefully not my last attendance. As usual the consisted of addressing the same old issues, obesity in children, higher wages, GMO-genetically modified organism,  and among , others that made want to “SHOUT”, and not the song by the Isley Brothers, but “Why won’t McDonald’s stop marketing to kids with Ronald McDonald?

In the article on , “5 Uncomfortable Questions Asked at McDonald’s Company Shareholders’ Meeting” by Kate Taylor, “Progressive don’t use schools ads, “health blogger Casey Hinds said in a roundabout question full of barbs aimed at McDonald’s. Moms and millennials are are leaving the brand behind.”  In essence, Ronald is trying to have our school kids to buy junk food at McDonald’s. It was with great satisfaction that Steve Easterbrook the Ronald McDonald’s newly elected CEO electrified the shareholders by saying “that the chain exceeds the minimum regulations of nutrition and that is has added healthy options in Happy Meals. He also said that Ronald is here to stay.”

It was appalling that someone had to pick on poor (Ronald McDonald), a clown that was created by Willard Scott, yes the weatherman for “The Today Show” from 1980-2010. It’s amazing that the man in side our picked-on Ronald, began his practice on TV of wishing centenarians an happy birthday on-air in 1983. I wonder if any of these senior-senior citizens ever ate McDonald’s, and if so, perhaps we better send out many more Ronald McDonald’s clones around the world, that if you ever expect to live to at lest to be a hundred years old, you better eat your Junk food, and a good place to start is at McDonald’s.

To be Continued. I am getting hungry, guess where I am going?

Apple In Wonderland

In my last post, I wrote how I found my modern day Moses, Steve  Jobs. I wonder if Mr. Jobs was still alive with us, what would he think would be the best direction for  his baby, The Apple Corporation should venture into?

There has been so much talk today about Apple entering the electric automobile market(The Guardian), “Apple is reportedly hiring automotive engineers to work at a top-secret lab in Silicon Valley, fueling  rumors that the company maybe designing car. Dozen of Apple employees led by its iPhone unit are researching automotive products, according to the Financial Times. It reports that the company has poached  the head of of Mercedes-Benz’s Silicon Valley research and development unit, while Sir Jonathan Ive, senior vice-president of design at Apple, has had regular meetings with regular meetings with automotive executives and engineers.”  Certainly Mr. Jobs would welcome a iCar, in fact according to the business insider, “that an Apple employee said the company was working something would “give Tesla a run for it’s money.”  “Steve Jobs had a car on Apple’s radar.” Much talk has been going on that Apple should purchase Tesla, it was beautifully designed on inside, and was more than just a vehicle—they build an entire platform. ” However there are so many platforms that Steve Jobs took to make Apple which I think will be largest financial money making platform the world could ever imagine.

In 2006,(Wikipedia), The Walt Disney Company bought Pixar in 2006 at a valuation 0f $7.4 billion, a transaction which resulted in Steve Jobs becoming Disney’s largest single share holder at the time. Who would think that this once computer graphics division of Lucas films  that he purchased in 1986 for $5 million dollars, would produce the first feature-length computer animated film Toy Story , in a distribution deal with Disney.  The financial rewards were extraordinary  for this 1995 eighty-one computer animated film classic, with a budget of just $30 million, it later on went to collect a whopping $362.4 militant the box office.

Toy Story(1995) led to so many other Pixar Classics: A Bugs Life, Toy Story 2( 1998), Monsters Inc.(2001), Finding Nemo(2003), The Incredibles(2004), Cars(2006), Ratatouille(2007), Wall E(2008), UP(2009), Toy Story 3(2010), Cars 2 (2011), Brave(2012), Monsters University(2013),Disney Planes(2013, Inside Ou(2015), Finding Dory(2015), and The Good Dinosaur(2015). From 1995 with  the Start of Toy Story and to 2013 with Disney Plaines, the spread sheet for these fifteen Pixar Films would certainly give Disney share holders many reasons to not to worry. With a total budget of $1,876,000,000 these Disney -Pixar Movies have generated an impressive $8,820,219,390 at the Worldwide Box Office.


In 1997 was the year that Steve Jobs replaced Gil Amelio as the “interim CEO” of Apple. From his return he has taken Apple with a 3 billion dollar evaluation to a today 725 billion bonanza.  I wonder if Steve Jobs was alive today, what he would say about being the CEO of the most valuable company in the United States that was started on April Fool’s Day on 1976? I believe he  might be one happy Apple Master with the following merit badges; MacBook, MacBook Air, Apple Mini, iPad, iPad min, iTunes store, Apple TV, iBooks, Mac App Store, iCloud, Apple Store(on-line), iOS, iWatch and probably many more, the one product I see Apple BECOMING , are you ready, here is my crazy vision, a bigger Disneyland.

Yes, Apple, a continuation of Steve Job’s Pixar’s dream, an unbelievable Apple In Wonderland, a theme park with ten-story iPads, restaurants that know what you like to eat, play your favorite iTunes, and connect to people who you might think are your new lost relatives. The hospital of the future. The Future mixes with the past.

I wonder if Steve Jobs would of approved of acquiring The Walt Disney Corporation? Maybe he could say hello to Annette for me.

***************************MICKEY MOUSE**************************