Donald Trump, You Missed America- Vanessa Williams!

I must say that the 2016, presidential candidate has a beautiful wife, Melania Trump, and he has no reason to go astray to pal around with other beauties to say the least, “tickle his fancy”.  However there is one beautiful woman who also posed in “the nude”,

Vanessa Lynn Williams, was born March 18, 1963 in the Bronx New York,she had the honorable distinction of be crowned Miss Syracuse 1983, Miss New York 1983, and reaching her beauty plateau, becoming the firstAro-American- MissAmerica 1984. Unfortunately a few weeks prior to her Miss America rein, she found out that Penthouse would be publishing “unauthorized” pictures in the nude in their next issue. Unfortunately to the world, due to pressure of the Miss America Organization, she resigned and gave p her crown on July 22, 1984. It took thirty-two years after resigning as Miss America, “the current CEO of the Miss America Organization, Sam Haskell offered her a public apology at the beginning of the Miss America 2016 pageant.”

So President Trump,  you who once owned the Miss Universe, who tell Miss Williams? It’s ok to pose in the NOW, I am sorry but times are different now. It was only a crown, a title, one that goes away in one year. How about stepping up to the plate, and have the Miss America Pageant, shoul change their decision!

Maybe you can be also our next Bert Parks?