Thanks Roseanne, You Hit The Nail On The Head.

I have to admit that I have shown much anomosity torwards the forty-fith president of Te United States, Donald Trump, I believed  I disected his personal life get the best of me, like many unsatified Americans, sure his life style is deplorable, from prn stars to making fun of the handicapped, but it took a TV star from the 1980’s to sum it up, and this will stick in my mind for some time, Jobs, my friend “We almost lost our house.” If I lost my house, especially at my age, sevety- one, I would be devastated, and maybe looking for a cliff to jump off. Even now, being quite invested in the stock market, I see myself looking in the mirror asking myself, am I that crazy to risk everything I have, bingo, the dream of wanting to be financially securred starts now, get the hell out of the market, and count myself lucky, that I did not lose every thing I have.

Thanks Roseanne, you are a pretty smart “Hillbilly” grandma after all, you showed me that Donald Trump is trying to make America great again, with jobs, tax breaks, and most of all get rid of those who come into our country and ripped so many of us. The party is over, and hopefully we can all survive.