Lets Put Our Medical Doctors On The Government Payroll.

With all the problems we are having with getting affordable health care in this country, I think I might have a partial solution for most Americans to have access to their family physician without needing some kind of health care plan. I couldn’t help asking my family doctor, what does the average family physician makes in salary in this country? I was startled that for someone who has to go to school and be certified after some twelve years was only $150,000.00 a year, mind ya this is probably after paying their malpractice insurance, rent, staff, and supplies, but it does not consider what their education has cost them, yet alone the lost of income while going to school. It seems like a lot of effort for so little pay.

This got me to start thinking, why doesn’t our government put many of these doctors on the payroll, let’s say some 250,000 doctors and pay them $250,000.00 a year tax free, and pay for their malpractice insurance, and you are probably thinking  how in God’s name are we going to pay for this. Well, I think the American people will gladly will. So here is my math, everyone in the United States should be able to have access too their family doctor whether they have insurance or not, and having a yearly physical would certainly prevent so many of us from getting sicker later on, we all need to know if we have high pressure and other problems that could escalate to many other medical problems that would incur, and yet alone the additional costs to treat these future problems. So how are we going to pay for this, well with the government’s help, All Americans will be able to make an appointment with their doctor, and only pay $100.00, the doctor get’s $50.00 tax free and the government gets the other fifty dollars.

So let’s do the math, our new governmental doctors will work a two hundred day year, and with this new plan, the physician can add more staff and be able to see some 100 patients a day, and with our new fifty-fifty dollar medical plan, the government receives $1,000,000.00 and our governmental family physicians stand to make their well deserving one million dollars(tax free, and for so many who will not be able to afford health care, at least they can have access to a doctor for just one hundred dollars, no waiting all day to see a doctor, and have he peace of mind that they are at least on the right track to achieving good health.

This not a cure all idea to tackle our health care debacle, but at least it’s a start in the right direction, for your information, my family physician, and a retired surgeon friend of mine whats to know where they can sign up.

I passed by idea today to Republican party of Illinois today, and I hope it can reach President Trump, but if it doesn’t I need you my fellow howiemaui.com readers to pass it on to your elected officials and family doctors. If making American Great again means taking care of business, why not let our health care professionals  do what they are trained for, making us Americans HEALTHY.

I Have A New Broker, Meet My Uncle Sam.

If you think that I didn’t have enough problems with find affordable health care just in case my wife eventually need to retire, it seems that our government wants us seniors to deplete all of their assets so we can end up with out any thing to leave our families, places of worship, favorite charities, or just our friends. I say this because the other day I received a phone call from my stock broker that I will no longer going to be able to sell stocks with him unless I sign up for their new fee structure for my portfolio. Even though I never reached the supposed amount of one million dollars for my retirement, my new cost to stick with the broker who I have had for some twenty five years will go up in price from $100.00 a year to $300.00 a month, yikes-a $2900.00 increase, close to $250.00 a month, and add this to my Required Minimum Distribution starting this year, means that my new stock broker, US government(Uncle Sam) is requiring me and millions of my fellow seniors Americans to start liquidating our hard earn savings. Of course my stock broker did offer me an alternative that I can open up a no cost account that has no fees, and very low commissions, but no financial advice. even though I am not a millionaire, I credited my broker from keeping me from panicking so many times, and just ride it out.

With so much concern with the new substitute for Obama Care, so very little is being said about what Uncle Sam is doing for us seniors. My new banking regulations of having a fixed percentage fe for all investment accounts will mean massive job cuts in the financial industry and not to also mention that many of us don’t know beans about investments.

Thanks President Donald Trump, can you at least put Jim Cramer and Tony Robins on your financial advisory board so at least we will have someone to help us on how to invest!