I Thought I Was Going To At Least Have A couple of Days Rest From Writing About President Trump.

I am not trying to be an anti-Trump Blogger, I respect the fact that President Trump beat the odds, and surprised many of us Americans and became our forty-fifth President of The United States(POTUS). However in the last two weeks he certainly has raises the eyebrows of many of us with his plan to build a gigantic wall around Mexico and stop the immediate entrance of many Muslims people fro seven countries, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya, and Somalia, however it is almost like Hitler telling the German people that the Jews are the reason for their impoverished conditions.

President Trump probably thinks, that this immigration ban on Muslims, will keep the ISIS extremists from entering the United States, what he is really doing is putting more gasoline on their fire. Attack someone’s beliefs, will be many catalysts of violence through out the world. Is President Trump going to take the responsibility of a devastating act of violence?  We can only pray that this will not happen. By relieving his acting Attorney General, Sally Yates, who certainly has better educational credentials than President Trump, graduated magna cum laude, with a J.D. from the University of Georgia School(1986), just shows us that he didn’t first ask her that does he have the governmental right to execute a Muslim ban. Her denial of his order most likely was based on it’s legality foundation as well as the ethical obligation of the United States.

Our balance of trade with the rest of the world depends on the co-operation of every nation, trillions of dollars of trade is affected by what the United Staters does. You would think that President Trump and his Republican party would take this in consideration, before they tarnish our country’s image. Is he asking the right questions? If not, what is he trying to accomplish? I can see he wants to make America “Greater”, but it is already a Great country, a better country, I am afraid not, we don’t have to worry every day about what our President has done today.

I have been anxiously waiting for President Trump’s alternative to Obama Care. You would think that the Republicans would already have a plan ready to go, most likely they know that their health plan will probably put tens of millions of Americans in Harm’s Way. I surely hope not, at seventy years old I don’t think I can handle any more financial responsibilities.

Please President Trump, can’t you be more pragmatic? Put smiles on our faces. Help us preserve our futures, and most of all, let me have a couple of days off to blog about something that does not have to do with POLITICS.



Amazon, You Need To Rescue Sears.

During the early 1960’s when I was a teenager living on the south west side of Chicago, (Marquette Park), one of my big treats was to visit my local Sears Roebuck department store. It’s hard to believe it now some fifty plus years later, that I could live a normal teenage life without a cell phone or a computer. I think the combine income of my parents was just a little over three hundred dollars a week, my dad was a shipping clerk, and my mom was a shoe salesman. I was lucky to get an allowance of ten dollars a week. I did not date much, and what money I had went to my photography hobby.

Where I lived there was the Marquette Bank, the Hi-way Theatre, the Gossage Grill(great cheese burgers), Jack O’Day Shoes where my mom worked, and two blocks away a Sears Roebuck, a great department store that had practically every thing, bicycles, fishing equipment, a camera department, and a clothing department where I would buy that special long sleeve yellow shirt for one of my few dates. I think I paid $3.99 for that shirts. Sears was in essence my Amazon.com, all I had to do is to walk over, usually Friday nights were my favorite.

Recently I went to a Sears, and there were hardly anyone there, the selections were terrible, I was shopping for an electric tooth brush with a built in waterpik. The sales person quoted me a price, and said that they did not have it in stock, but they could UPS it to me. Ok I thought, I needed one for me, and one for my wife, wrong, the smile on my face changed when I saw the twenty dollar shipping charge. Out my cell phone, and I showed the sales person that I could save a lot more money if I make the purchase on amazon.com, she asked her manager about the shipping charge, and there was nothing they could do about it. Looking at my wife, I said I guess I will be making our first purchase on amazon.com.

So on Monday, I went on my computer and ordered my two WaterPik water flosser, with the Sonic Care electric tooth brush. Not only was the shipping was half that of Sears, there was a promotion that if I open up an Amazon credit card account, there would be a discount of close to sixty dollars, I figured it’s worth waiting a week to save that much money.

Close to a week later my Amazon order came, and I was a happy trouper until my electric tooth brush would not retain a charge any more. My wife reminded me that when something is too good of a deal, most of the time it sometimes back fire. Perhaps she was right, and should of just find a store that had it and if something did go wrong, I could take it back, get an exchange or a refund. I was very fortunate, I called WaterPik’s customer service, they very generously told me to keep my defective unit with the accessories, and within five days I would be receiving a brand new unit. My new unit came and I am a happy trouper. This experience saved me a lot of money, I suddenly wish I could have the best of the two worlds.

With the rumors that my childhood store, Sears might be resting on its last set of legs, Craftsman, and Kenmore, might not be able to keep it going. Most of my appliances are Kenmore, and you cannot not beat Sears warranty service. I know I am asking the “Impossible”, could Amazon.com buy Sears, and many other companies that we use to see at our local Malls? “The Amazon Mall”, the cheapest prices, quickest delivery, and a place we can relive our teenage years?




America Is Getting An Enema and A Lot of Enemies.

Our newly elected President Donald Trump has just banned refugees from seven muslim countries coming into the United States for the next ninety days, these countries are Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen, even though these countries have been associated with terrorism, there are many American Muslims who are probably very unhappy with President Trump’s ban on their fellow Muslim brothers and Brothers and Sisters.

Here are some of them”

1 Andres Carson- Congressman from Indiana

2 C. Jackson Ellis-former mayor of Macon, Georgia

3 Keith Ellison- first Muslim congressman from Minnesota

4 Ilhan Omar-Member of the Minnesota  House  of Representatives

5 Zalmay Khalilzad-former US Ambassador to the United Nations,and former US Ambassador to Iraq and AfGhanistan

6 Farah Pandith-Special Representative to Muslim Communities for the US Department of State; official advisor to President Obama

7 Zainab Salbi- co-founder and president for Women for Women International

8 James Yee-former US Army chaplain with a rank of Captain

9 Elias-Director, National Institute  of Health

10 Kareem Rashad Sultan Han-United States Army Soldier killed in Iraq

11 Humayun Khan(soldier)-United States Army killed in Iraq

12 Shirin Neshat- Pakistani American artist and McArthur Fellow

13 Mohamed A. El-Erian- CEO of PIMCO, manager of over one trillion dollars in global assets

14 Fuad El–Hibri- CEO of Emergent BioSolutions

15 Shahid Khan-owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars of the National Football League(NFL), the English Premier League team, Fulham F.C., and automobile parts manufacturer Flex-N-Gate in Urbana, Illinois

16 Farooq Kathwari- CEO of Ethan Allen Global, Inc.

17 Safi Qreshey-Pakastani-American entrepreneur and philanthropist; co-founder, and former CEO of AST Research

18  Dave Chappelle

19 Nabil Abou-Harb- filmmaker, writer,  director of “Arab in America”

20 Shohreh Aghdashloo – Academy award nominated Iranian-born actress

21 Mahershala Ali- actor, featured in “The Hunger Games” film series and the TV series Luke Cage

22 Lewis Arquette – fil actor, writer, and producer

23 Ice Cube- Rapper, actor

24 Ahmad Jamal- Jazz pianist

25 Ahmet Ertgun- Songwriter and founder of Atlantic Records

26 Art Blakey- jazz drummer and band leader

27 Big Daddy Kane-rapper, “5 percent”

28 Casey Kasem-radio personality-“Top Forty”

29 Jermaine Jackson- singer, bass guitarist

30  Dr. Mehmet Oz- TV Doctor host

31 Iman- Supermodel and the wif of the late David Bowie

32 Suhaib Webb-Mus;im lecturer and activist

33 Fazlur Khan- structural engineer(designed the Sears Tower, John Hancock Center-Chicago)

34 Ayub K. Ommaya- neuro surgeon, inventor of the Ommaya reservoir

35 Ahmed Zewail- Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 1999 for his work on femotochemistry

36 Muhammad Ali

37 Bernard Hopkins- former Middleweight and Light Heavyweight world champion

38 Eddie Mustafa Muhammad-former Light Heavyweight champion

39 Mike Tyson

40 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

41 Shareef Abdur-Rahim- 2001 NBA All Star

42 Shaquille O’Neal

43 Hakeem Olajuwon

44 Rasheed Wallace

45 Az-Zahir Hakim- wide receiver formally for the St. Louis Rams

46 Ryan Harris- offensive tackle for the Pittsburgh Steelers

47 Ahmad Rashad- former wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings, and award winning sportscaster

48 Michael Wolfe- Journalist

49 Khaled Hosswini- Novelist, physician.

50 Jon Jandali-Biological Father-Steve Jobs(Apple Corporation)

There are thousands of American Muslims who have contributed to the success  of America, it’s a shame that because of the recent terrorist attacks in the last two decades that a religion, race(Mexican, and who knows what else President Trump thinks is a threat to the United States. Sure he is probably appealing to many Americans, as Hitler did with the Jews, however our country was not  built to hate a group of people because of their religion.

I  just hope President Trump does not need a colonoscopy, given by a Muslim Gastroenterologist, shit will be hitting the fan for sure.




Maybe President Trump Needs A New Deck of Cards.

I just finished listening to Pope Francis’s audio book(audio.com) “The Name of God Is Mercy”. It was very motivating to hear the Holy Father’s soothing words that the first salvation is our necessity of trying very hard to forgive. To many it’s an almost impossible task to forgive the likes of Adolph Hitler or a child rapist. I believe what Pope Francis is trying to emphasize that we as a people must discover what the meaning of life is. I like many have been struggling with so many why this, and why me. For this seventy year old blogger, me, I want to stop asking and joy my remaining years and try to focus on the good things that the world has to offer.

A good start was to congratulate our newly elected president, Donald J. Trump. He won a hard election, and by many pulled off an unbelievable win. I can only hope that he can make America a Better place to live again. However, I don’t like his “Dislikes” to say the least, while I am trying to find something good on our planet Earth, I am hearing so much animosity from President Trump. It makes me want to make my own playing deck of cards, fifty-two different cards, one each representing something or someone our President has made reference to. I know that there are many people who will say you probably can make at least five decks of cards(260) that should of been used in one of Trump’s defunct casinos.

I am reading from the July 2015, online edition of The Washington Post  “25 people,places and things Donald Trump has denounced” by Amber Phillips.  Twenty people and places  is almost a half of deck, so here goes.

  1. John McCain is not a War Hero.
  2. “Conservative pundits, Your Next President, Donald Trump, basically tweets like a 12-year old girl.”
  3. The Washington Post
  4. Arianna Huffington
  5. NBC
  6. All Media
  7. “Most undocumented immigrants fro Mexico”
  8. Hilary Clinton
  9. Barack Obama
  10. Former Texas Governor Rick Perry
  11. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal
  12. Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum’s electoral record.
  13. Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee’s former Fox News Show:
  14. Mitt Romney
  15. Pollsters
  16. Presidential Debates
  17. Richard Nixon
  18. Drugs(marijuana)
  19. Wisconsin
  20. Mexico
  21. American diplomats
  22. Black bankers
  23. Vaccinations
  24. Communion
  25. God, himself, a little bit.
  26. former Miss Universe Alicia Machado (“The Daily Beast”)
  27. Susana Martinez (Governor of Mexico)                “
  28. Gold Star Mother Ghazala Khan                               “
  29. Judge Gonzalo Curiel                                        “The Huff Post”
  30. John Lewis                                                               “New York Times”
  31. Meryl Streep                                                                          “
  32. Arnold Schwarzenegger                                                  “
  33. John O. Brennan                                                                  “
  34. Obamacare                                                                             “
  35. Saturday Night Live                                                           “
  36. Bernie Sanders                                                                     “
  37. Jeb Bush                                                                                    “
  38. Chris Christie                                                                         “
  39. Ted Cruz                                                                                    “
  40. Carly Fiorina                                                                           “
  41. Lindsey Graham                                                                    “
  42. George Pataki                                                                        “
  43. Marco Rubio                                                                           “
  44. Scott Walker                                                                           “
  45. Joseph R. Biden Jr.                                                              “
  46. Cory Booker                                                                            “
  47. Ben Cardin                                                                               “
  48. Tim Kaine                                                                                  “
  49. Anthony D. Weiner                                                             “
  50. The cast of “Hamilton”                                                      “
  51. Ruth Bader Ginsburg                                                         “
  52. Rossie O’Donnell

I need to thank the New York Times for their online article, updated January 20,2017, “The 305 People, Places and Things Donald Trump Has Insulted on Twitter: A Complete List” I know they will have to update this article on a weekly basis, for me I just want enjoy all the wonderful and maybe not so many people that are not nice, and pray  that President Trump can get out of the bad playing card business and see the goodness and the grace of God with the challenges that lie ahead of him.


Instead of Building A Wall Around Mexico, Lets Put Them to Work.

I can understand President Trumps disgust of seeing so many illegal Mexican aliens trying to enter the United States. We are certainly the land of opportunity, we waste billions of dollars of food, and it seems that most Americans are always trying to get a free lunch.

This is certainly not the case any more. Donald Trump’s Americans have one problem that perhaps Mexico can help is Health Care. With the cost of health care in the United States reaching  three trillion dollars a year,($10,000.00) per each America), I think that President Trump should think twice about his plans to build a thousand mile long wall, forty feet high, and give his Mexican neighbors what they need, are jobs, medical jobs. there has been so much talk about keeping jobs in America,  but we really need in the United States is affordable health care.

There is no reason in hell that a nursing home in this country needs to charge over $5000.00 a month. Lets take the twenty billion dollars to build the Trump Wall, and use the money to build a cheaper alternative to the high cost of both hospital and nursing care that we have. In essence, if we can provide good and honorable employment for the so call illegal aliens who want to come into the United States for a better life, why can’t we have them help us fix our  health care disaster.

I don’t know about you, but I think I would feel a lot better that I can spend my final days in an affordable nursing home, and when I die, there might be some money left for my family.


Charles Dow, Edward Jones and Charles Bergstresser Must Be Applauding Donald Trump.

With all the criticism that we have given to our newly elected president, Donald J. Trump, perhaps today is a date in history that we might remember most about “The Donald”. History was made on Wall Street today, The Dow Jones Average closed above 20,000, 20,068.51 to be exact, up 155.80 points, with a volume of 88,952,240 shares traded, with a market value of 5.7 trillion dollars.

This was a far cry when three men, Charles Dow, Edward Jones, and Charles Bergstresser(silent partner) originated Dow Jones Average. Unlike working in a garage like Steve Jobs, and Steve Wozniak on the Apple1, they started Dow, Jones and Company in November, 1882, headquartered in the basement of a candy store. A year later the company started putting out an afternoon two page summary of the day’s financial news called the”Customer’s Afternoon Letter”. This eventually  grew in 1889 as what we so churchly read a “The Wall Street Journal”, just two cents an issue or five dollars for a yearly subscription.

From it’s first two page edition which it listed just just twelve American corporations, the American Cotton Oil Company, the American Sugar Company, American Tobacco Company, Chicago Gas Company, Distilling and Cattle Feeding Company, General Electric, Laclede Gas Company, National Lead Company, North American Company, Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad Company, U.S. Leather Company, and United States Rubber Company.

The original twelve Dow Jones Average companies were replaced and expanded many times to what we have in today’s record performance , the thirty components of theDow Jones Average: 3M, American Express, Apple, Boeing, Caterpillar, Chevron, Cisco Systems, Coca-Cola, DuPont, Exon-Mobil, General Electric, Goldman Sachs, The Home Depot, IBM, Intel, Johnson&Johnson, JPMorgan Chase, McDonalds’s, Merck,Microsoft, Nike, Pfizer, Procter&Gamble, Travelers, United Health Group, United Technologies, Verizon, Visa, Wal-Mart, and Walt Disney.

Certainly these crown jewels which comprise The Dow Jones Average might be the first positive thing that our King Donald has impressed me so far, I can only pray and hope there are much more achievements, that he can do as our previous presidents have done, is to listen and make their country proud. Unlike most Kings, he has just some four years to prove that he can take his place with his other forty four presidents.

Good Luck.


$165,000,000,000.00 of Food IS Wasted Each Year By All of Us.

Yesterday I was experiencing my epicurean delight at a wonderful Hibachi in Indiana. I certainly did not know where to begin, they had hundreds of food selections, and I tried very hard to realize that my eyers were bigger than my stomach, however at the table next to mine I saw a mound of unfinished fruits, some salad and a couple of half filled glasses of soda. I am sure that I could walk around this restaurant see enough wasted food that would feed at least a hundred homeless people. I been to some buffets in the Philippines, where they will charge you more if you don’t finish most of your food on your plate. It’s very sad, and disrespectful to all those people around the world who’s daily diet is a cup of rice in salt water. We Americans take our food choices for granted and yet we become so ungrateful, and think that the government is not doing enough. However we are unaware that most of our thrown away food goes into our massive landfills, thus releases methane gas into our atmosphere.

I wish our local governments as well as both the state and federal governments could help us to dispose our undated food. Just think how many people around the world could be fed. In ten years it could translate in to a trillion dollars of food. There should be tax incentives for food producers, restaurants, and even us Americans. Just like we can recycle an aluminum can, maybe (in powder form), a Big Mac, French Fries and a Coke to a family who not only have the daily problem of putting food to eat on their table, but most likely do not have a table.

So the next time you go to a restaurant particularly a buffet, look around and see how much food that is wasted.


The Good, Bad, Ugly: Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, and Ray Kroc.

I just recently s the movie “Founder”, the store of the struggle of a tenacious milk shake salesman Ray Kroc, through his desire to capitalize on two brothers who last names were McDonald. He saw the opportunity of revolutionizing the fast food restaurant business, and literally made a hamburger a household name, which became as we know it today, The McDonalds Corporation, a market value of 100.7 billion dollars

Like other great thinkers and doers, helices of Thomas Edison, invented of the phonograph, motion picture projector and the light bulb,  hired other inventors and pocketed over one-thousand patents, his greatest company had a spokesman named President Ronald Regan, The General Electric Company, has a market value of almost 257 billion dollars.

Steve Jobs with the help with a fellow high school friend Steve Wozniak, that with the determination of an engineer and a salesman, that yo can turn a circuit board(Apple1), however Steve Jobs at first did not share his success with those who helped him The Apple Computer Company, as we know  into what is today The Apple Computer Corporation, a market value 640 billion dollars.

Three major US corporations, MCD-GE-AAPL that have combine value close to one trillion dollars, who started out as Good Men, and what most people perceived as Bad greedy people, and the way they became Ugly tyrants, that let nothing stand in their way for success. To day into the first week of Donald Trump’s presidency, we have already have a million women march for the rights of what I call “WomanKind”, ManKind. Lets see if history will repeat itself?

Maybe and I hope not that we will have a new global Stock Exchange, with The United States falling their other Stock Exchange members Russia, and China!

Not a real difference, no more trading PUTS, just PUTINS.

At 70 of Age, More Pills, and Higher Bills.

Being  the same age as President Trump, however a  few billion dollars poorer, I wish he would focus on making the lives of his fellow seniors. For most of all, we barely have enough savings to pay our monthly expenses, yet alone to anticipate what financial surprises to come,

What a nice to hear from my financial advisor that in a couple of months I will have to declare 3.75%  a year of my investments as income. Crap, right when I thought I was doing good, the government is telling me that it is payback time. President Trump. fellow “Oldie But A Goodie”,, can you inform them that in the last two years my social security has gone up a whopping $3.00 dollars a month.

Here is wht I suggest, a great compromise, and if our new president can institute this, I might even have a good reason to get a Trump Tattoo.

  1. No Federaal Taxes on Social Security.
  2. No long term declaration of income(3.75%) at at 70 1/2.
  3. A one time exemption of long term capital gains of any property, regardless if it’s residential or investment.
  4. ??????????

Starting To Think That Early Death Might Be Our Obama Care Replacement!

A I listened to Donald Trump’s inaugural address, I thought he was going to launch a football pass that would light up the faces of ten’s of millions of American faces, his replacement for our much needed affordable health care. Instead it was his old campaign speech all over again. Same-o-same-o more jobs, more factories returning to the United States, “Buy America, “Made in America” This sounds great, most people don’t or can’t work in a factory, and cannot afford to buy American products, has Donald Trump ever visit a dollar store, how many products that you see in these stores have items that were made in the United States.

I would like President Trump focus on keeping his fellow “Americans’   HEALTHY, and out of the “PoorHouse”.  While we have millions of women protesting on what is happing to not on their rights, but the rights of others in our world, Gun Violence and Climax Change. President Trump stated yesterday that he is giving the United States back to it’s people. You would think he would meet the Women of his great country today, and join them< no he went to the National Prayer Breakfast.

I am not getting much sleep lately, I depend on my social security payments, Maybe an early Death just be answer to lower the  health care costs for our younger Americans, for our first day in the office, president, Donald Trump, it was just a Break-Fast.