The Secret Life of Howie Maui.

  It’s been two years since my four decade journey in the photo retail. however after viewing a very motivating movie, “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” I felt rejuvenated to continue my real
love journey- Photography, my real passion that has offered me so much, a sales job with Insurance, being able to be part of a great history, having the opportunity to meet  very creative artists, surrounded with best camera equipment, and being in an industry that is certainly taking part in the way we use our cell phones(pictures).  Not getting a pay check certainly has been disappointing, but in two years I have learned so much about myself, the importance of having more time to think about my new journey, the importance of social media and most of all, money is not everything. I so much wanted to be a successful insurance salesman and introduce this industry to the many out there that it is an industry where you can get pre-licensed in one or two days and have the opportunity of having your own business without spending years of schooling, and thousands of dollars to have your own business, and it  can give you an income that rivals many rich doctors and lawyers. I am not going to walk away from insurance industry, but just givegin it a rest.
   Now that I got my true  feelings out about what I been experiencing, I feel that just like Walter Mitty that I much search for the last photograph (journey) that I need to have as my cover for my own LIFE MAGAZINE.
   I would like to offer to many of my viewerss the opportunity to show case their own posting. Please email me at [email protected] for your contributionand comments. So much of our social media try to bombard us with so many advertisements, topics, pictures,
and videos. Lets just have a simple blog that just has one topic, and give people a chance
to have a day where they can tell us about their  Howie Maui Secret Life.