I Love My Cat Kazzi.

one of myI have been over whelmed with my photography journeys, I soon discovered that my little girl, Kazzi is getting old and I am not spending enough time with her. Kazzi was given to me by a co-worker and being without children and just losing a rescue cat named Bubbles, I see how having a companion pet has made my life so fulfilling. Even though Kazzi is my wife’s (Teresita) favorite, I know if she left my life, I would feel another void in my life.

With all the cameras I own, they cannot talk, and I don’t think if they would step up to plate if I got sick.  This was a wake-up call. Could I walk away from the photo industry, and do something for the millions of Kazzi’s in the United States. Suddenly Kazzi came in the kitchen and “meowed” me and said, you bet. With the inspiration from one my high school buddies, he introduced me to his all inclusive multi-modality small breed concept not is currently available in America today.

I looked down at Kazzi, and asked her what do you think, would you like to tell your friends that there will be a place that will have stellar medical and rehabilitation care that will also be entwined with home healthcare, ambulatory services, a Pet bereavement,  protocol that never has been emphasized by the PET INDUSTRY. Kazzi barked one of her meows  to me  to also mention that she could sick at any time and it better be open 24-7, have  a beauty shop, grooming, boarding, kenneling, day care, schooling, gift store,  and a café for the both of us. Kazzi we are going to take this even farther and offer the use of third parties that will lecture on topics as pet trust, insurance, and nutrition. Customer service is our first commitment, with a strong use of internet and social media. I venture to say to my little girl, I Love My Cat, Kazzi.howiemaui.com

I welcome your ideas and suggestions  and  know if you would like to be a guest blogger on howiemaui.com

Howie Silvers, Kazzi

Is My New Journey Means Changing It’s Routine?

weIt’s been a two and a half journey since I started my new journey . I thought I was going to die a camera salesman, instead it was a 2011  New Years awakening at the age of sixty-five that the party was over and I had to start my life all over again.

I never thought I would have to  start all over again.  My wife  keep needling me that is what I should of expected this when you major in your hobby, photography. In the next eighteen months I learned that my 9-5 job Routine, was not a real journey.

So what is my new journey, and how is my routine going to be different? The first thing I know I will have that I certainly will have more time in my day to discover my new journey.  My routine will be different,  and hopefully exciting. I can now use my cell phone when I want to, go to the wash room when I needed to go. No more lunch schedule, and I no longer had to worry about budgeting  my time, thus the same o same o-Routine.

Sure I could not get away about establishing my new routine, in essence this was the building block for my next journey. So lets look how I changed my routine:

a) Make sure that I have my cup of coffee and a Complete Breakfast. Sorry, no more McDonalds  Drive Thru. ($10.00 of Gas a day and $4 for a Egg Mac Muffin)

b)Checking my favorite Apps I have on my phone, Gmail,AOL Mail, Facebook, LinkedIn, and my two television replacement, Scribd and Audible.com.

c)Find causes that will that I get involve with that will give me joy and satisfaction.

d)Take a hold on my financial game plan.

e) My health and my spirituality are my treasures.

Even though some of my causes have not been so successful, I feel that there will be other ones. It’s just a matter of discovering what other vehicles that are available to me.

I would like to hear from other journsters  would might want to share their journeys on my blog.