Steve Jobs, My Modern Day Moses.

Just like I found may modern day Dorothea Lange(Photographer) in Vivian Maier, I see in my journey, that history can definitely repeat itself. Yes, of course, just look in the Book of Exodus(second book of the Torah), the Hebrew Bible.  My first Moses was born in times of when the Israelites were multiplying, and the the Egyptian Pharoah was worried that his neighbors might be come a threat. Perhaps like we seen in today’s  killings(ISIS), ordered all the newborn Hebrews to be Murdered. Like many (Jewish Mothers), Jochebed, sent her baby Moses sailing down the Nile river, and by the grace of God was discovered by the Pharaoh’s sister Queen Bithiah.

Can you imagine how history was affected by the mother of Moses, she wanted her son to survive, and survived he did. Would there be a Chosen People, an Israel, and certainly there would not been one of the greatest films of all time, The Ten Commandments, starring some of our greatest actors and actrersses of all time, Charlton Heston(Moses), Yul Brynner(Rameses), Edward G. Robinson(Dathan), John Derek(Joshua),  Cedrick Hardwicke(Sethi), Vincent Price(Baka), John Carradine(Aaron), Douglas Dumbrile(Jannes), Anne Baxter(Nefretiri), Yvonne De Carlo , the beautiful (Sephora), Nina Foch(Bithiah), Martha Scott(Yochabel), Judith Anderson(Memmet), and Olive Deering(Miriam). This 220 minute Classic film directed by the legendary director, Cecil B. DeMille, was nominated for seven Academy Awards in 1957. Even though it just won one Oscar(The Best Visual Effects), it was Moses that showed us that we could eventually go Around the World in 80 Days, winner of the Oscar for the Best Picture that year.

I wonder what the world would be like if we did not have a Moses, certainly there were be no Chosen People, Ten Commandments, and  the Promised Land. Many miracles would not happened, the crossing of the Red Sea, and the Burning Bush, God’s sacred light. What would a Moses-less world be like? How  many of us who would never been born. Maybe in some way, this could of been a good thing, at least for the Palestinians, who the hell could they go to war with, the Chinese? So for all those who were adopted or abandoned by their parents, just think of all the possibilities that history has changed “ManKind or in Moses case it was his Mother’s sacrifice of her son to give him another life.

In 1954, another Mose’s mother, Joanne Schieble, and a Syrian Muslim father, Abdulfattah Jandali, were under tremendous pressure from Ms. Schieble parents, to not to get married, and very influential to put pressure of putting their little Moses up for  adoption.  The recipient of this child of “wonderment” , was a childless couple, Paul and Clara Jobs(divorced in 1962). Paul worked for a company that made lasers in Northern California(Later became known as Silicon Valley). Paul Jobs gave his son the tools and foundation,  and later his adopted son learned “that anyone has the capabilities to change the world,and not spend most of your life selling “sugared water”,  a philosophy Steve Jobs emphasized throughout his life.

As God gave Moses The Ten Commandments upon Mount Sinai, it was thus the beginning  how we should live our lives with harmony and purpose. Steve Jobs saw his new vision from the Silicon Valley, and gave us his technological Ten Commandments.

(The Daily Beast): 1. “Go For Perfect”, the first iPod,

2. “Tap the Experts”, recruited the Gap’s Mickey Drexler to Apple’s board before launching the Apple Stores

3. *Be Ruthless”, be proud of your failures, as of your successes(Killed the Palm Rio, after realizing that the cell phone would “eclipse” PDAs, this gave his engineers to focus one the development on The iPod.

4. “Shun Focus Groups”, Steve Jobs believed “People don’t know what they want until you show it to them.”,  So he acts as a one-man focus group, taking prototype products home and testing them for months.”

5. ” Never Stop Studying”, When designing early brochures for Apple, he pored over Sony’s use of fonts, layout and the weight of the paper. Working on the case for the first Mac, he  wondered around Apple’s parking lot, studying the body work of German and Italian cars”

6. “Simplify”, My modern day Moses, design philosophy is of one  of constant implication. He ordered the iPod’s designers to lose all the buttons on early prototypes, including the on/off button. The designers complained, then developed  the iconic scroll wheel instead.”,

7. “Keep Your Secrets”, Nobody at Apple talks. Everything is on a need to-know basis, with the company into discrete cells. The secrecy allows Jobs to generate frenzied interest for his surprise product demonstrations and the resulting headlines ensure lines around the block.”

8. “Keep Teams Small’, The original Macintosh team was a 100 people; no more , no less, If a 101 person was hired, someone was ditched to make room. Jobs was convinced he could remember the first names of only 100 people.”

9. “Use More Carrot than Stick”, Jobs is scary, but his charisma is his most powerful motivator. His enthusiasm was the the primary reason the original Mac team worked 90 hour weeks for three years making the machine “insanely great.”,

10. “Prototype to the Extreme”, Everything Jobs does is exhaustively prototyped: the hardware, the software, even Apple retail stores. Architects and designers spent over a year building a prototype store in a secret warehouse near Apple’s headquarters, only to have Jobs scrap the project and start over.”

I reached out to the eldest founder of the Apple Corporation, Ronald G. Wayne and asked him what it was like to work at Atari with Steve Jobs, he probably was like Moses, always asking what his father might be like? Mr. Wayne told me that he warned him that he might be disappointed. Steve Jobs constant disappointment wondering who was his father be came one of the our modern day rewards.

I feel that our lives can be influence by just one event. If Moses was not sent down the Nile, and Steve Jobs was not put up for adoption, what would our world be like, with no laws to be govern by, Thou shall not kill, and honor thy Mother and Father would be have the computers, cell phones, and the scientific break throughs as we have today. Unfortunately we do put our hero worshiping idols before our true beliefs, we definitely kill, and we don’t honor our mother and father. I am very grateful for the There Wisemen of the Apple Corporation, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald G. Wayne for giving us the modern day technology, computers, internet, and cell phones.  How the world has been changed by them them?

As I acknowledge that my first Moses(1393-1273 BCE) died some 1400 years ago, my modern day Moses, Steven Paul Jobs(February 24,1955} was taken away  from us on October, 05, 2011, I feel that in my lifetime I have been very fortunate to have to Moses in my life.

To the parents of Moses, and Steve Jobs, Thank you for your D.N.A.




*******to be continued*********