Are We Ready To Buy Our Health Care On Ebay?

The big question President has to account to the American people, exactly what his new health care plan actually going to cost, and what guide lines it is going to offer? Right now there are millions of American families struggling to pay their rising health care premiums and deductibles. I must say that Obama Care at first tried to give the majority of us some kind of affordable health care, for the first time we were forced to buy some kind of health care, before you either have the luxury of getting supplemented health care from your employer, or getting Medicaid from their states. For the first time, our country was making an effort to get people to get healthy, visit a doctor before it’s too late to get medical help, or going to a hospital for a life saving operation. One thing for sure, Americans were starting to realize that preventive medicine meant many more healthy years to come, unfortunately for so many their coverage will probably end.

In the next month or two the United States Senate will vote on President Trump’s new alternative tobacco Care, but seeing what could be installed for us could mean that there will be be tens of millions of people not getting all the medicare care they might need. The Trump health care plan will cover many of the basics of Obama Care like pre-existing conditions, but it will require, an additional premium, pregnancies will be consider a luxury, and it will require an additional premium, this series of needs will like going to your favorite restaurant, and ordering everything, and I mean everything ale-carte, from the type of silver ware utensils, the size of your napkin, what kind of water you might want, the menu items will also vary in size and weight, to save costs, you will have the option of washing your plates and spoons and forks, left overs will be an additional service charge, and No More Free Toilets.

So lets take a make a believe of day one of the new Trump Care, it will be able to purchase because the choices will b in the thousands, you start by going on Ebay, put in your medical information, age, smoker, non smoker, your family history, and here is the fun part, what do you want your health care plan to cover, it will start from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head, there will probably be some six hundred questions  on what you would like to have covered, here are some of the things that are a definite must for coverage, sneezing, running noses, head aches, and of course hemorrhoids. There will also be a question on what restriction your coverage to high blood pressure? High and low blood pressure might require an extra premium. But you better plan at least eight hours to put in your new Trump Care bid o Ebay, remember there are some fifty different states with some one hundred insurance companies offering policies. Maybe we will get lucky, and score a great deal on our health care plan, the only problem will be if it will be able to deliver the coverage it saids it is.

I can hardly wait, maybe I will but multiple plans, and put them on my own Ebay site, hell people were screaming  for a single payer health care plan, well now you have it, it’s called PayPal, and I mean Pay buddy through the nose.




Why Was President Trump Talking To the Russian Ambassador?

With all the allegations that are made about President Trump involvements with the Russians, why did he put himself in harm’s way with last week’s meeting with Sergey Kislyak? Hasn’t anyone taught Donald Trump how to act as a president, Arn’t there any tapes of President Obama out there to point out what is the professional protocol when dealing with foreign dignitaries? This is not the right time for both Donald Trump and the United States to show the rest of the world how gullible we are, especially to the Russians. To tell the Russian ambassador that we are collaboration with another country where we plan our next means of attack against ISIS, has put so many of our allis at risk. We do not know what is Russia’s relation with ISIS, it could be an indication that someone out there is double bladed. With the past firing of president Trump’s Attorney General and FBI director it obvious that both President Trump and the United States are heading for a spiral down ward. I will go one more step to the stupidity of what we did, why in God’s name did we allow a Russian photographer in the White House to photograph such a meeting, at least we could of banned his cameras and substitute our cameras for him to use, who knows what his cameras were used as besides just taking photographs? Maybe I have been watching too many James Bond movies, but it is better to be safe than sorry!

If there was a reason to send President Trump back to school where he could learn how to be the President of The United States, now is the time to start. With North Korea launching a missile with a range of four hundred miles, and bothChina and Russia want to execute their strength, it’s only going just one incident to trigger World War111, and we are done, a wall that that even Humpty Dumpty Trump will never be able to put back together again!

Why doest Donald Trump just admit it, the job of being the President of the United States wasn’t what he thought it to be, and it would also be a grand gesture, to get both Barack Obama and Joe Biden back running our great country ASAP!

Happy Mothers Day, Your Third Year.

It’s hard to believe that it is been three years since we have had our daily morning telephone conversations. Teresita has been working so hard, and I wish I produced some added income in the five years that I was fired on New Years Eve, 2011, Calumet Photographic finally closed their doors almost when you passed away anyway, I thought I could score on so many of my projects, I tried to help my friend Bob, to promote his photographers portfolio web site, and maybe even help him sell it, I couldn’t, I tried to help one of of photo retail customer promote his thirty-five camera, that uses a six foot film negative, the final prints were going to be some two stories high, I couldn’t, I spent a whole week, making phone calls so one of my former co-workers God son, advance on American Idol, I couldn’t, at least he finished ninth, I even tried to promote a blind girl with her singing career, I couldn’t, I tried to help someone with both his baseball career and sing country western chances, I couldn’t, I made contact with a man who is like my older brother, who had the unlucky decision, of giving up his ten-percent ownership of the original Apple Computer Company(Ronald G. Wayne), we are trying to promote our Apple Computer Museum concept, we even own two great domain names, apple and, I accumulated Steve Job’s junior and señior high school year books, and four of Steve Wozniak’s high school year books, and other interesting items, no one seems to be interested, I am trying to help to  promote one of my Harper High school buddies promote his Pet Wellness Centers, it’s been hard, one of my old Standard Photo’s photographer friends, Richard Hertzberg, was Sudsy on the TV show, My Three Sons, he passed away some six years ago, I made contact with Stanley Livingston who was one of the main actor’s on My Three Sons, he played Chip, and his brother Barry played Ernie, I am trying to promote both his movie and tv pilots, it’s shame that we are not seeing a revision of the old TV shows now, perhaps a modern tv show, “My Four Daughters”, I really think he is going to bring both motion pictures & tv to a new wish me luck, I been going to many of the McDonalds shareholder meetings, and I am the one who pointed out that we need an all day breakfast, at last one of my ideas was an international success, but no paycheck, but at Ieast I tried and my stock in McDonalds have gone up, I even made a connection with someone who has the wold’s largest McDonald’s collection, I hopefully will be at this month’s McDonalds share holders meeting and planning to express some more of my ideas. I don’ know if you have been reading blog, but we have a new president of the United States, Donald Trump, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that he will be to offer many Americans, especially Teresita(my wife) affordable health care, I know that this is not the the day, since it being Mother’s Day, to keep hashing why you let someone sell you a $200,000.00 lifetime annuity(it ended at death), didn’t you think that when you died, that perhaps it could of helped Teresita and I with our future retirement, did you forget that I was born with Cerebral Palsy, because of you parting and someone slapped you on the back at a party, and you had to give birth to me some six weeks before I would of been born normal, and why did you leave some $10,000.00 to one of your nurse friends, $10,000, didn’t you know that both her and her husband make probably a quarter of a million dollars a year? I should stop now, and be glad that we had close to sixty five years together, sorry I am being so bitter, it’s just I wish I could of done better financially, at seventy years old, it’s been so frustrated being hard of hearing and being in so much pain over the years from many of my hip surgeries, but I am grateful to have such a lifetime partner as Teresita, and thankful that you brought home my first 35mm film camera that was responsible for discovering my love of photography, but like you I find it very hard to stop wanting to make a difference in this world.

You had a very nice memorial, but their were some letdowns, no one from your beloved Saks Fifth Avenue was there, I called one of your closest Saks buddy and she didn’t think it was a big deal, many of your close friends, a family I will not name did not show up, members of Teresita’s family was there, and I gave one of my Howie speeches, afterwards we went to your apartment at the Breakers, and let the guests take home many of your possessions, Judge Ann Burke and her son were there, as well as Doctor Klein, I don’t want to mention everyone, but I hope you and Mort(step father) were watching.

My health is so, so, taking many pills, but it’s Teresita’s health I am worried about, she wants to live in the Philippines, and I hope we can have the best of the United States and the Philippines. Well anyway, I just want to see how are you doing, and I hope you are able to have human or spiritual contact with so many of our past relatives and friends. Hopefully next year I will be writing about on both Teresita’s and myself’s retirement, keeping my fingers crossed, a home in Florida and in the Philippines, it’s getting late, I love you, and forgive me for rambling on what it is suppose to be your day.




What Do You Have To Hide President Trump?

President Trump, why did you want to be president in the first place? You say that you want to make America greater again?  I think you better define the word greater again, there are other words that have made us a great country, integrity, caring, loving, understanding protecting, listening, advancing, invigorating, justifiable, advancing, and most of all, we are defining, what do I mean defining, we as a country, know what are role as member of the world with our other welcoming nations. It’s not a competition as you make us believe it to be. Sure we are powerful, and if we wanted to be the most forceful country on the planet, we probably could do it. Lets not just be The United States of America, but The Universal State of The World. There are no longer any more individual countries, we own them all, and English is now the Universal spoken language, and the USD dollar is the universal currency now backed by all the gold we took from the rest of the world, especially from China, and Russia. Thank God this will never happen, but in the back of your mind President Trump I think you would like it to happen. If we did not have the atomic bomb, and Germany did, we would all be speaking German with a Japanese accent.

President Trump, you can’t keep firing those people under you, just because they are doing their jobs, they and we want and demand the truth. What were the confidential emails that were on the former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton’s email server?, what was Russia’s involvements in the 2016 presidential election, and you and your cabinet connection’s with both Russia and China? People like Michael Flynn have a lot of answers we need to hear? In plain and simple English, if you have nothing to hide, then rise up to the occasion, and let your first appointed people, then Attorney General and former director of The FBI do their job! The TRUTH can only make you and the United States of America stronger.

Many of us are trying to figure you out as our President and not as our DICTATOR?



President Trump, Our New Hoover Vacuum Cleaner.

If we could only bring back former F.B.I. director J. Edgar Hoover, and ask him to defend  our recent fired Director, James Comey.  Hoover, the bureau’s first director was somewhat like we see in President Trump, he investigated on anyone who he saw as an eventual threat to the United States. I am not going into on what tactics he used or what information he sort after, the bottom line was he was one tough “Bastard” who so many politicians and Presidents were scared of. He just knew too much about them, and very few people including our past presidents were going to challenge him. He went first after 1000’s of Germans living in the United States after World War I, Mobster like John Dillinger, Dr. Martin Luther King, the Black Panthers, unlike President Trump he led efforts with the British to eavesdrop on the Soviets, the point I want to make, James Comey should not have to be the F.B.I. Vacuum Cleaner, he needs to resurface as the bureau’s modern day J. Edgar Hoover, and Congress and the people of the United States need to know what were his actual findings of the Russian’s tampering with the past presidential elections,  the findings of the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s classified emails, and all the other illegal involvements that President Trump was involved in.

We cannot allow to have our president of the United States to act like a dictator, and keep firing members of his administration because they might become a threat to him. This is not the America I thought I lived in. Unless we all step up to the plate and redefine what the founding fathers imprinted what our rights and freedoms  are defined in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, we will find our selves looking at a president, who quite resembles a modern day Adolph Hitler.

It’s not too late, if we start acting as the true Americans that we are, we can have the affordable health care that we need, honest and caring politicians, and most of all the true understanding that hatred does not belong in our government.




Do You Really Think We Are Going To Have A Real Health Care Plan?

The clock is ticking, and even though President Trump’s revised health care plan passed in the house of representative, and ready to be taken to the senate for it’s passage vote, is going to be the God send that will make America Great Again, yet alone healthy? I doubt it, there is no way in hell will President Trump be able to get anything close to Obama Care. First of all, it’s the cost, with all of President Trump’s proposed corporate tax cuts, and the increase in his military budget, the numbers are not there. We spend some ten thousand dollars per person on health care in the United States, while many other countries spend less than half on their inhabitants, they are employing  a considerable more taxes to pay for it.

President Trump has stated many of times that his health care plan will be cheaper in it’s monthly premiums and it will have lower deductibles. Great idea, but I think that for his plan to work, it will eliminate coverage that is not health coverage, things like pregnancies, will have a cap, two child births to a family, cancer coverage will require an additional umbrella coverage, Americans will be punished with higher rates if they don’t keep themselves healthy, there will be mandatory medical screenings for all Americans to determine what their actual health care costs will be, annual blood tests, will be another medical criteria, there will no longer be any more PPO, we will be required to go to the doctors the government has selected for us, there will be a point system to determine our future health costs, the more times you go to a doctor or have to go to the hospital could mean that your future costs could escalate some forty per-cent. I can go on, but I think the luxury we had with Obama Care will be gone.

Sure we might get health care with both lower premiums and deductibles, but things we took for granted like mammograms, birth control, going to our doctors when we wanted to, will be something of the past.

Those who said life is a game will finally have their say, it’s President Trump’s game, “The Game of Life”, and every day Americans are going to focus on staying healthy, or else, they will not be able to afford affordable health care. Sure as soon as the senate passes the new Affordable Health Care plan, we will be shocked, but there is nothing we will be able to do about it, weep and grim, I didn’t vote for Donald Trump, but those who did, don’t give me any of your crocodile tears.



I Am All Gere Up(Richard) For Pretty Woman2 With Julia Roberts.

I loved Richard Gere’s new movie, “The Diner” tonight. As usual Richard Gere played his usual astonishing role as a congressman wanting to run for governor. I don’t want to spoil the ending of his movie, you won’t be disappointed, but like me you will start reminiscing about his classic film “Pretty Woman” with Julia Roberts, and start hearing Ray Orbison sing it’s theme song. It was some twenty-seven years(1990) ago that it was shown. Mr. Gere is now sixty seven years old, and his counter part Julia Roberts is one year from reaching the magic fifty. Just think what this revival might have to offer. Perhaps we can have our much older Richard finding himself in a hospital, and long and behold his beautiful “Pretty Woman” is now his Pretty Nurse. Just being entered in the hospital for the start of his Cancer treatments, his assigned nurse, Ms Roberts, widowed(husband died of cancer), for some fifteen years, and has two beautiful children, ages eighteen, and twenty-three, cannot believe she has been re-united with Edward Lewis, then a very wealthy business man. Going from a Hollywood hooker, a nurse would make a good movie, now more than ever, we might find out how the original “Pretty Woman” ended, and now see who rescues who in my make believe version of “Pretty Woman2”.

Give Us The Heath Care Plan We Need President Trump!

After listening to President Trump’s rambling on how our new proposed health care plan, will have lower premium and deductibles, I started to think, it sounds too good to be true, but could it be a reality, we the people of the United States have just figured out how to improve not only our economy, but able to utilize the rest of the world, to give them the health care that they might lack. You probably thinking that I probably just had to much wine to drink, or just hallucinating, honestly I could use a glass of wine before I finished with this posting but it occurred to me that every person no matter where they live, wants to be healthy, for many they live in countries that provide medical care, and there are others who never been to a doctor, yet alone a hospital.

So here is what I am thinking about what the United States and President Trump might want to try. The first thing we need to do is to eliminate the middleman, by that I mean the insurance companies, their CEO’s makes salaries and bonuses that amount in tens of millions of dollars, let eliminate them totally. Our government will self insure every American citizen. Secondly, the government will own every hospital and medical center, all ambulances, medical supplies and fixtures. Thirdly, they will own and operate all medical schools in this country. Fourthly, the government will assume All insurance liabilities for all medical personnel. Fifthly, every medical worker, doctors, nurses, janitors, lab workers, custodians, and ambulance drivers will be an employee of the United States government. Sixthly, all nursing home, rehab facilities will be ruined by the government. All pharmacies,and medical research centers will be owned by the government.

Lets not stop here, instead of building a wall around Mexico, lets let them share in our medical bonanza, they need medical assistance too, we can form a bilateral partnership of building state of the art hospitals and nursing homes, drug factories, and medical schools that will not just teach students how to be doctors, but they will train all aspects for the medical profession, from med techs, phlebotomists, nurses, a can’s. Our partnership will not just stop with the likes of Mexico, we can be partners with countries like the Philippines, China, Korea, Italy, Japan, Africa, Brasil, and even Russia.The more people we can help, the cheaper it will be for everyone. There is no reason to justify over $5000.00 a month to stay in a nursing home, by having our seniors spending their final years in a country that can literally provide one on one care, it will not only lower the cost of hospital care, but it will greatly improve the quality of life for our deserving seniors.

Maybe we can ask President Trump if he could tell his children to stay out of politics, and start thinking about building all the needed medical facilities that could make the difference of not only providing affordable health care in the United States but for the rest of the world, and also provide 100 of millions of jobs.

Hopefully President Trump and our elected officials won’t let us down.

It Will Only Take A Couple of Weak Ends To Make Us Stronger.

You probably think that I misspelled the word weak wrong, and should used the word week, and meant week-end, well sorta. I am getting quite annoyed of so many of bitching about the problems with the health care problem, and the cutting of so many of our needed social programs, sorry we can’t all be rich like our President, but we can be stronger if we unite, without protests, telephoning our politicians, and letting our feeling being heard on social media. It’s quite simple, and for many of you, I am retired, don’t have to miss any days off from work.

We can let President Trump know about our frustration is just stay home on the week ends, no shopping, no health clubs, no eating out, no going to church or synagogues, no filling up your cars with gas, no buying of lotto tickets, no driving, no visiting of friends and relatives, no going to the movies or plays, no sporting events, no visiting at hospitals and nursing homes, just stay home and don’t spend any of your hard earn money.

I know that this will be very, very hard, but if we don’t let our government know that even though many of us aren’t billionaires, we as a whole spend a lot of money, when many of our businesses see the effect of us not spending as much money as we usually do, they will feel the pinch and start speaking out for their clientele.

If we don’t make our voices and especially our money speak out what is important to us, like affordable health care, climate control, programs for the poor, elderly, and rights of women, then we will ending up of not having enough income to spend on our upcoming week ends, we will be loosing our savings to pay for the rising costs of health care, and with the upcoming increases in the fed rate, there will so many Americans losing their homes, and many more unable to afford their first home.

So what do you think, are you willing to stay at home for a couple of week ends, or do you want them to be your upcoming weak ends?


The United Center Should Change It’s Name.

By now many of you are aware of the passenger incident of Dr. David Dao, be thrown off an United Airlines flight, because of the plane being over booked. The fact that such gestapo tactics of brutalizing injuring a member of the medical profession reminds me what I read about the tactics of Adolph Hitler. Sure United Airlines was embarrassed, and gladly made a gallant settlement with Dr. Dao, but I have second thoughts of ever flying United, in fact I also have mixed emotions of ever stepping in the great arena, that housed the great Chicago Bulls era, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman,  this  Chicago Arena is named the United Center.

It’s unfortunately that United renew their naming rights in 2013 for another twenty years, but I am sure that the public sentiment of just one ousting from United’s plane will be  forgotten, United will probably offer a special sorry discount for their upcoming flights, but still I am disappointed that Chicago’s mayor or the Illinois governor didn’t make any effort, of seeing it’s possible of canceling United’s naming contract. The United Center houses not only the Chicago Bulls, but also the Chicago Black Hawks hockey team, when it’s not hosting sporting events, it show cases many concerts.

Still I can’t get Dr. Dao’s images out of my head, and the fact he lost a couple of teeth, a suffered a concussion, mortifies me. Please call me the Grand Pessimist, I guess I belong in an Alice Wonderland novel as the Mad HowieMaui, but with my luck I would be the book that someone brought with them for an upcoming flight with United Airlines, oh my God, I hope Alice and the Mad Hatter will be ok, should be know problem, lightning does not strike the same place twice, what could United do to a Giant Rabbit anyway?