My God Is Better Than Your God! Omar Mateen!

Being born a son of Abraham, I was not introduced to my other distance relatives until much later in my life, particularly-Muhammd! Growing without computers and particularly Wikipedia, the only way to get concrete information on what was going on,  to go to  either my local or the high school’s library, or start dusting off my Encyclopedia Britannica. It has taken me so seven decades to start questioning my family history.

Many of us were astonished when heard that Omar Mir Mateen was the American mass murderer who killed forty-nine people and wounded fifty-three other in a mass shooting at the Pulse Gay Bar in Orlando, Florida(he himself was also killed in the shootout).  Matinee, claiming to practice the Sunni Islam faith, a denomination of Muhammad’s father-in-law, Abu Bakr, thus Sunni Islam is referred as “Orthodox Islam”., the world’s largest religious denomination.

However to see how both Omar Mateen and my self are related to Abraham, I have to introduce Abraham’s first  son, Ishmael. In Genesis 15, according to the Old Testament, that Abraham’s first wife know as Sarai, was seventy five and childless, she made the marital sacrifice, to offer Egyptian handmaiden Hagar to Abraham, at the age of seventy-six, he had his first son, Ishmael. By the laws of the land, even though Hagar was the birth mother, the child belonged to Abraham and his suggestive wife, Sarah. The first son of Abraham, Ismael, thus believed was the soon to be  the founder of the religion of Islam. unfortunately 2700 undocumented  years, showing no proof, that Muhammad . “Al-Bukhari, the automative book of Muhammad’s Hadith, quotes Muhammad as saying , “I am the most likened son to Abraham.” No matter what, Muhammad was the Father of Islam, the mentor of Omar Mateen, the allower of committing Murder! I am sure that is not the general consensus  of the Islam  faith, but I am frankly Scared that there are people like Mateen, who believe that their God will allow them to Kill.

Still, I have can only pray that that we can stop many of these mass killings, but still I was in a shock when I read what our Commander-in-Chief, Barack Husein Obama commented about the Orlando’s shootings, on my Facebook page,  there is a headline from the BREITBART NEWS, “That Jihad Attack on the Orlando Gay Nightclub Never Happened, Says President Obaba”,  by NEIL MUNRO, July 25, 2016. “Do you remember the June 12 jihad attack by a Muslim that killed 49 Americans in the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida? It was big thing in the media at the time, complete with reports about a cellphone confession by the jihadi, and evidence this immigrant Muslim knew about the p;banned attack.  This is what I can’t believe, Well you imagine it, see because extensively documented jihad attack didn’t happen, President Barack Obama told the world on Sunday.” It was just “a deranged man killing scores of people,”Obama insisted to CBS. No jihad there he says. Huh?

Is our government Hard of Hearing? There is Mateems’s call to 9-1-1 in which he identified himself as a Islamic volunteer of the jihad army run by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the Islamic leader of the Islamic State’s Islamic army in Syria,  my concern is that  a religion suppose to make you a better person, with yourself, family, friends and fellow human beings, has that ever entered our president’s mind?

I guess I will always wonder WHY DOES  RELIGION ALLOW YOU TO KILL? I know my belief could Never make me  ever do something so evil, to kill my fellow HUMAN BEINGS! How about your Religion?