Ronald G. Wayne

    I am very please to post my first guest blogger, Mister Ronald G. Wayne.  On the third decade of the anniversary I decided to go on a treasure hunt and reach out to one of Apple Computer’s founders, Ronald G. Wayne. Mister Wayne has been an inspiration to me. He has taught me that no matters what happens in life, you cannot beat yourself up about what you coulda, shouda, or wouda in life. In Mr. Mr. Wayne’s case, it was certainly more money I could of ever imagined. 

Here is an excerpt from Mr. Wayne’s blog that can be found in it’s entirety at

Ronald G. Wayne–July 29, 2013-Volume II-Number 10


                      THE PERFECT SCAM


     For the past several decades one political party has touted the wonders of “Privatixation” under the fallacious argument that “Government can do nothing right”

Building upon the delusional and sophist argument, they’ve pressed the incredibly spurious claim that “Only private industry has the proper buisness sense to run public services efficiently.”  

    And yet, as with s many significant issues of public concerns, that public seems unable to”ask the question”. The “Ground Floor” reality issue is found in fact that any service (public or private)has a basic operating cost. If that cost is assumed by government, the taxpayer is obliged to pay “that cost” – and that cost alone. But when that “public service” is handed over to a private company, not only does the basic operating cost remain in place, but that “private enterprise” then goes on to demand  “their profit”. These enterprises, after all are not philanthropists. ‘They are in it for the money’ Moreover, since they’re ‘in it for the money’, they have every motivation to provide the least possible service, and in what ever shoddy manner that will insure that they realize the highest level of profit.

     There is this anecdote of a question that was put to Neil Armstrong , asking what his final thoughts were as he was strapped into his capsule, waiting from blastoff. He replied  …Everything in this whole machine , was built by the lowest bidder.”

      I hope you get an opportunity to visit Mr Wayne’s blog, and be able to read this blog in it’s entirety. The world of apple, has also introduced me two of Mr. Ronald G. Wayne’s books, “Adventures of An Apple Founder, and “Insolence of Office”.

      Please let me know if you you like to be my next blogger. I feel that I am learning that a journey can be whatever you want it to be, and it does not have to be about what I should of done, or if I had a chance to be an Apple founder, but a finder of what of really going to give you fulfillment and purpose in life.

The Minimum Wage Should Be $5.00 an Hour

    Whoa, I bet you think a mere $5.00 an hour is slave labor, but after spending two years on my journey, and not receiving a pay check, I have learned that the way our country needs to revamp their solution for solving our unemployment problem is it to make it
easy for employers to put on more employees. Well I wonder if government would be, willing
to throw them a bone and let them add some of our millions of unemployed for just five bucks
an hour. Huh, how can anyone live on this slave labor wage? Well they can if our Federal Government would just match an additional five bucks an hour instead of just paying people to stay home, the  millions of the no-jobbers can finally get back to their respectful work place. I sure would like to go back to a routine and make $400.00 dollars a week or should I say a weak eighty dollars a day. You might say that this still isn’t enough to live on, but here is the kicker(touch down), ****No Taxes Will BE Taken Out(paid) by the be these much needed new employers and the millions of the UNEMPLOYED that need to put FOOD on their tables.**** Even though our state federal governments would lose a lot of their initial tax monies, I feel putting millions of people back to work would make up the difference. Right now I am open for all suggestions, and would love to make my wife happy and show her a pay check.