Have Your Job Fairs Been Fair?

     My two year journey has taken me to some great job fairs. It gave me a chance to talk to some great recruiters about their companies and hopefully I might find that JOB I wish I could have. The true reality it’s not going to happen. The jobs that they are offering are mostly commission base or quite lower entry to say the least. The IBM’S and Google’s have been replaced by the burgers and furniture stores, still not worth four years of college? However, I always wonder who were the people who actually landed a job from these job fairs? It would be nice if there was some kind of display at these fairs of the actual people who actually got a Real job by attending.
     I can say that job fairs are certainly a good testing ground to satisfy  State of Illinois for 
receiving  my unemployment benefits and to get me out of the house.
    I always dread December, the last month of the year when you hear about the horrendous firings like what will be happening to the some 6,000 employees at the Dominick food stores. Hopefully another food store change (Mariano) can purchase of these stores and put at least a thousand or two back to work. I
was in photo retail for over four decades and many of times I had to bite my tongue for some of the things my customers expected me to do. Well I hope tomorrow’s job fair I can can introduce many of the soon to be unemployed Dominick workers to a game changer that will take them to a multi-trillion dollar industry and their new employer has  over 480 billion dollars in assets. Don’t have to spend thousand of dollars  going back o school, and they will be able to get pre-licensed in one day and
soon to have their own business. Oh yeah, I am not going to tell you the name of this company or the nature of it’s business, it has to be surprised. The one thing I will tell you,
just look at your next job fair as a place where you might be the fairest one at the fair.
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A Vision That Works.

     Why did it take me so long to figure out life’s little secrets when it comes to find out a simple and cheap solution, that it’s no big deal that sitting on your glasses and breaking them is no big
deal. Yes, Mr.klumzy that a couple of weeks ago. I looked very cool with my taped up glasses and learned that there are reasons why it’s good to have a spare pair of specs when something
like this happens, Crap. I started to have a panic attack, going on vacation with a broken pair of glasses. or wait until I got back to see my eye doctor, and quivered of the fact that now I have to get TWO pair of eye glasses. Well maybe there is a two-for-one, I went to my local Vision Works, and found a little secret that could of saved me a lot of AGGREVATION.
    I only needed a new pair of specs that did not make me look like a goofball, and since I use
my right eye to see, how much would it cost just to the one glass replaced. To my surprise that
my favorite stores, Vision Works became my new miracle maker, they only charge just $50.00 to make my new lens in one hour. I can’t believe that I was able to use one of my older Nikon
frames to give a great pair of eye glasses. 
    But there is more to add, to my surprise Vision Works has a promotion to the end of the month(12-31-13-please check your local store), for those 65 or older can get a 65-100% discount depending on age, since I am 67 years old, I got a 65% discount off two pairs 
of glasses. I want to thank Vision Works for saving me a bundle of money and giving me a life
lesson that I can pass on to others.