Today’s March For Our Protests Was More Than Controlling Gun Violence!

Today was suppose to be a typical Saturday when I got a chance to watch some of the top eight basketball teams in the NCCA tournament, it was a day of protests by our millions of high school students to put an end of the gun violence that has inflicted so many young high school students, it was a six minute and twenty seconds moment of silence given by Emma Gongalez, a student at the Stoneman-Douglas High School, where last February, where seventeen people were killed, and seventeen people were injured, she reminded us that it only took a short period of time for the killer Nicholas Cruz, to rapid fire  his ar-15 asault rifle to annihalate students and faculty that never had a chance to take cover. It was like he was at a shooting gallery trying to win a big stuffed animal, instead he destroyed parents dreams, student friendships, and for many asking themselves why is our government, both on the state level and  the United States goverment, for not having stricter gun laws? Even worse, why are many our our elected officials accepting money from the National Rifle Association? This needs to be answered! Assault rifles, shoulbe be restricted for our military and  our law enforcement officers, the age to purchase a gun should be raised to the age of twenty-one, a complete background check must be met, a mental evaluation must be completed, and a gun license at the cost of $100.00 -$5000.00 depending on the number of guns that one has, and the purchase of gun insurance, to accept the financial responsibilty for inflicting injury and injuries to others.

However there was something else that was puzzeling me to day, our future generations were protesting, and yet why wasn’t our president, Donald Trump was not there? Maybe it would be soothing to even have his Vice-President, Mike Pense, isn’t he a parent, the point is that most of our elected officials didn’t give a dam! Right now we are are on the verge of a financial collaspe of of equity matket because of President Trump wants to have international tariffs, it’s best to collect fifty billion dollars from China, than have a five trillion dollar erradication of the value of our biggest companies.

Today was a day to tell us that “Silence Is Golden”, but unfortunately the government will just turn their thin ears, but as I try to point out on many occaisons, that there is another way to protest. here goes and take note.

For one month, we will try not to spend any money on the week ends, no going to the malls, restaurants, gasoline stations, the movies, going to church, going to the airports, libraries, shoe maker, health club, grocery stores, car wash, liquor store, no buying of lotto tickets, race track, concert venues, bars, visiting friends, drug stores, post office, maybe laying off paying for video games, and especially no spending at all on line, sorry Amazon. We do not have laws that the police can drag us out of our houses and make us spend money.

I think this will get the attention of our lected officials and our big corporations tha MONEY TALKS. Unless we make our voice heard on what we think that will make America great, better gun laws, afoordable health care and educaion cost, acceptance of our Dreamers, climate control, programs for the arts, free trade, a cap on the RMD tax for us seniors of the age of seventy and a half, and lower interst rates, there will be no future for those who so bravely protested today to end gun violence. A special thanks to former Beatle, Sir Paul McCartney, reminding us that his former  bandmate and friend John Lennon was as assasinated.

May God give us many more Emmas and John’s to make our planet great again.