I Am Sick of Hearing About The Athletes and Movie Stars That Are Broke.

I am not here to give anyone a tongue lashing about their finances, especially at seventy years that I couldn’t save a million dollars in the  bank. Sure, I have a house, a couple of cars, one is please there other one is paid for, but I don’t know what is worse, me not having a million dollars in the bank, or being some basket ball player who blew his eight million dollars salary, or a movie star that can’t budget himself on less than two million dollars a month? Right now I am worrying about health care not only for me and my wife, but also for the tens of millions of Americans who are going to find themselves very soon without coverage. It is pathetic that in our country that we have such wealth gaps with leaping salaries, going to CEO’s, movie stars, and athletes instead of going to doctors, scientists, and teachers who are the real ones who are trying to make “America Great Again”.

Sure I wish I was filthy rich, and have no excuses why I am not, the truth of the matter is that because of my cerebral palsy, I had to work for less than $16.00 an hour to be able to have good heath insurance for my wife and myself, four hip surgeries, and a lot of of rehab. I have no regret, but what I do mind that when a person is given the opportunity to make over a million of dollars a year and they blow it, spend more than  they make, I have no forgiveness or sympathy, I wish their were tax laws that would require that would require the wealthy to put even a thousand dollars a week in a savings account, that they cannot touch in ten to twenty years, hell who could use $52,000 in savings a year?

Great actors, actresses, musicians, and athletes are our country’s icons, but you would think the government would start worrying about the likes, Judy Garland, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackso, Robin Williams, Marylyn Monroe, and thousands more.

Maybe this is the price one does have to pay for success, a millionaire today, and a pauper later.

Can You Stop Sending Me Spam On My Blog?

Plllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssse stop sending me SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSPPPPPPPPAAAAAAAMMMM on my ww.howienaui.com blog? I am a seventy year man who was born with Cerebral Palsy, and want to share my final insights of living with so much pain and disappointments, my parents divorced when I was a teenager, I was called a dirty jew(KIKE) when I attended school in Chicago, and when I couldn’t deal with it anymore I transferred to a Jewish Parochial school to hear another hurtful adjective for me, I was now the SPASTIC, especially from a Cantor’s son. Never made much money, just made sure that I had good health care to pay for my many hip surgeries. I have had many successes, marred a beautiful woman who was inflicted with Polio ate the age of six, have a nice house, a condo in Chicago that I rent out, been to the Philippines her times, Hawaii three times and Florida and Vegas numerous times. When I lost my job in photo retail on new year eve, 2011, I felt I wanted to end it all, fortunately I had a very understanding wife, when my mother passed away in 2014, it was heart breaking that her $200,000,.00 savings was in a lifetime annuity, so when she died, this inheritance, that could of been the difference of my wife abling to retire went down  the tubes, it was also heartening that she left $10,000.00 to  a nurse’s son who works at the hospital where she worked, and most of her jewelry. No matter what we are struggling, to pay our bills, but I feel I can make a difference in this world, so end of my day I think about things that I wish I could change, with the thanks of Senator Bernie Sanders and President Donald Trump, I have no problems to find topics for my blog, but it makes sick to see all the ass holes who waster their time, and of course my time about the bogus crap they ask me, I don’t want to hear about their sex products and medications, or their offers to make my blog more interesting, I don’t need gym shoes, or women to say how nice I am.


I Guess Clean Air Is Not On President Trump’s Agenda.

Today President Trump is playing with the lives of millions of Americans by repealing the Clean Air Act that was so important for the Obama presidency to restore. Being born premature and with weak lungs, I am very susceptible to air pollution, especially cigarettes and the likes of coal and gas fumes. What is more important, more coal miners, so they can die earlier, or the American public, who will eventually have to face the effects of cancer and lung infections. Why don’t President Trump and his fellow Americans be honest with us, the more Americans that die early, the less benefits that have to be paid out. e need to save as much money that we can, President Trump needs the extra one hundred million dollars to pay for his security when he goes to his Trump Tower in New York, or to his Florida residence to play golf.

I am for one who would like to enjoy at least another decade of life, with out having to be attached to an iron lung, or even better yet having to go to hospice for the last three months of my life, and watching my body deteriorate. All Americans de serve to live the best healthier life that they can, but with our president, he could care less.

Let the coughing begin, maybe we can have a photo contest with the best photograph that emphasizes the best blood and pus details of what has been coughed out by us. Sure President Trump is concerned about more jobs, and with our New polluted environment, he will create more jobs for making portable oxygen tanks, ambulance drivers, and of course crematoriums, grave diggers, priests , rabbis, more bibles, more churches, funeral homes, black suits, caskets, building of more churches and synagogues, and more kleenex factories.

I guess this makes sense, the more early deaths we have in or “Greater America”, the more jobs will be created. I guess I owe President an apology, I guess he does have a point about keeping America strong and prosperous, as long as they are wearing their gas masks(something I for got to add to the job list.).


Why Do We Have An IRA Required Minimum Distribution Law?

It’s hard enough to make ends meek with higher health car costs, and less money coming in. However, I was a little shocked to find out that next year, I will have to start liquidating my my IRA investments the year after I turn 70 1/2. it starts at about 3.75% and it can go up to almost 16% if I reach the age of 100. In essence that next year I will have to pay an additional $250.00 a month in federal taxes. You wonder why most Americans are broke. The government, especially those politicians that make 6 figure pay checks and are millionaires, should allow every American family to inherit a little financial cushion from their belated love ones. Let’s say that the RMD is calculated after $ 100,000.00 dollars, there can be certain restrictions given to this amount, perhaps a limitation of only 5% distribution, this would certainly help million of seniors pay their medicare supplement plans, or for families who received this inheritance can also use the payout on their health insurance premiums, in either way, it would take the burden of so many of us who cannot afford health insurance.

President Trump won’t admit to us that he and the Republican party do not have a better replacement for Obama Care. If he can alleviate the RMD IRA tax, he find himself with a possible solution for million of us getting affordable health care.

What do you think?

to be continued

Who Has The Guts To Call For Trump’s Impeachment, If We Don’t Get Cheaper Health Care?

I have been reading about the horror stories about the rising costs of  heath care on the rise. In many cases it could represent at 20% of most family’s gross income. But what can our devoted mothers and fathers do, watch their children die? We have a billionaire president who never had the problem of worrying about how to pay his family’s health care premiums. Is the Congress going to donate part of their six figured salary, and help the reported 24 million Americans that could lose their health care coverage? The truth of the matter is that people get sick and eventually do die, but for the majority of us, we want to live long health lives, and this means having the proper medical care.

The general public are sick of hearing that people that are on welfare are ripping of the medical system by getting next to nothing costs, while many have to use their life savings, just to go to doctors, and take their daily usage of medications, and still paying for operations that they had over ten years ago. Nobody is denying the fact that doctors, medications, hospitals are not cheap, but their costs are just out of the norm for the average American. It’s amazing a country like Canada haves socialized medicine, but find Canadian families paying a whopping 40% of their gross income on paying their taxes. It seems that this is certainly a large lump to swallow, but  if every American  Corporation , and businesses were taxed accordingly, I think a financial solution to our now replacement of Obama Care might make sense. A poor family would only need to pay $1000.00 a year, and a billionaire would have to pay $300,000.00 for their family heath care, and no exception for all of our governmental officials, a straight percentage across the board for EVERYONE.

The clock is ticking rapidly for President Trump, would you give him and his fellow Republicans to come up with a bonafide solution on affordable heath care, and even better yet, since the President told us that their is a great health care in the making, and probably will not happen, would this be grounds to start the impeachment procedures? We have to do something, and if we stick together and finally realize that a “Great America” is a healthy America.

How Many Americans Will President Trump Piss Off?

President Trump’s latest Tweet, ” Obama Care will explode, and will all get together a great heath care plan, or The People”, “Do not Worry.” Well, I for one is very much worried. I see the sudden did-trust that Americans are starting to see in their new president. Many of us are starting to see that being the President of The United States requires to be a special breed, and to accomplish it during the last eight years truly reflects the greatness of Barack Obama.

There are so many un-kept promises we are seeing with President Trump, bull shit and more bull shit. There are going to be so many jobs, we are going to build the great wall around Mexico, lower taxes for US corporations, and millions of Americans without affordable health care. The clock is ticking and its simple those who can mortgage their homes, find a job that offer health care coverage, and  those who can travel abroad to get affordable heath care are out of luck, and money.

What is it going to take to get the American people to realize that they have been conned? Add this to rising interests, the possibility of another stock market crash, and a mass layoff like the one we have never seen, will definitely get every one’s attention. Surely most people think, how could this happen, the stock market is at a record high, unemployment is lowering, well it will be “the calm before the storm”. When the health care premiums come in the mail, there will be a panic of disbelief, and right then and there, the financial night mare of having to pay ten’s of thousand of dollars for medical services, will finally knock down all of the Trumpeters to their knees.

Sorry Trumpeters, I saw the Titanic, and I started to run for my life.

What Is President Trump Going To Say To A Mother Who Lost Her Child Because She Couldn’t Afford Health Care?

It was not surprising to day that the Congress could not pas their new replacement for Obama Care, already it has been reported that 24 million Americans will lose their ability to afford health care for their families. The hard reality has finally settled in the mind set of us today. President Obama wanted affordable health care for the majority,  and would not exclude those with pre-existing conditions. I t had flaws, and it could not suit everyone’s need, but it was a good start, and yet it could not remained affordable as it was entitled to be, but still it was better than what the proposed Trump care had to offer, insurance company competition and tax credits, no actual costs what hard working families will actually be paying.

The now dilemma we face now should be blamed on both the Democrats and Republicans. The faith of life is in our politicians hands, they need to set priorities and make affordable health care a reality, what is the to cost for socialized medicine in the United States? I am not talking about socialism, but our right of helping the everyone, no matter how rich they are, the right to get proper medicare. My doctor has made it clear to me, that they rather have healthy patients come to him, than have those who waited to long, and now are sick.

We as a nation, spend so much money on our sports teams, going to beauty salons, lattes, expensive clothes, fancy cars, and there are those who would spend close to $100,000,000.00 on an abstract painting a colored square and wiggly black lines. The truth of the matter is, everyone has to contribute their fair share of taxes to make socialized medicine a  reality.

I think President Trump needs too stop thinking about sending a man to Mars, and building walls. Maybe he could start thinking about training Americans to help with his country’s new socialized health care plan.

So I think our congress, both Democrats and Republicans better buying an extra box or two of tissue, so when the millions of parents are crying their  eyes, hearts, and anger out, that at least they can hand out a tissue, and say they are sorry.

President Trump you told your fellow Republicans, if they better have a salutation for health care in this country, I think the American people will rather start your impeachment trial, and maybe we can ask the former Governor of California to deliver a message to you.

———————————“You Are Fired!”——————————–


Pre Existing Condition, And The New Trump Care Coverage.

I just went on the AClU’s Twitter page, and see that their are many postings of many worried Americans that President Trump’s new replacement for Obama Care will not coverer their pre-existing conditions and they should be, Obama Care gave tens of million of Americans the access to have medical coverage, and now its over, by electing President Trump and many of his fellow Republicans, you just signed your own death certificate. Sure you might find cheaper health insurance, but you will get no bargains, insurance companies got us line, sinker and bait, staying healthy in the United States could cost hard working families, at least $25,000.00 a year on top of what they are paying their employers. In the year 2020, big corporations will not be required to provide their employees health insurance.

You didn’t listen to Bernie Sanders about the necessity of having better health care insurance, and Hillary Clinton didn’t realize that she had to much excess baggage to beat Donald Trump. It’s to late now. Unless us Americans rallies TOGETHER and demand to be treated as first class citizens, then stand to lose their homes, and life savings due to not having proper medical insurance.

We have to stick together, and maybe a national wok stoppage, or a non-buying day will get our politicians attention. Would you risk a week’s pay for a lifetime of affordable heath insurance that will cover what Obama Care did? Unless something is done soon, a financial melt down will be be right around the corner.

The sad thing about what is happening, is that President Trump could go down as one of the greatest presidents that we ver had. Medicare for all-Americans, put America first, America can only be great again, if we can be healthy and don’t have to worry about unexpected medical bill, the same with our medications.

If everyone including our Corporations pay their share of taxes, we can only then say God Bless America, God Bless President Donald Trump.

Why Can’t Social Media Clean Up Their Shit?

I am not going into specific names or site, and even what social I am pissed at, but tonight I am pissed at someone on social media, who claimed that his great-grand father hearing was restored with a sacred Navajo Indian recipe, and within three to four weeks, his hearing came back, the whole crap story began with his wife loosing her hearing, from an automobile accident, and well, her hearing was restored by eating food made up by the secret recipe, I am not going to mention the cost or name of the book, but feel like an ass hole for wasting my time thinking that by changing my diet that my hearing could be restored. I should of realized that if this Navajo recipe worked, that the Navajo Nation would be bottling this secret formula, and pocketing their shares of the profits, snake oil by the millions.

At the age of seventy, I should have known better, I should be happy I did not lose any money, but I just wish that all of the many social media sites, should start policing what is being sold on their sites, and make these “quick-buck” salesmen put a non-refundable deposit, or even an insurance policy to cover their potential fines, when they are defrauding the American public!

It is only the past two years, since the advent of our new President, Donald Trump that I have heard the term, “Fake News”, I always had an inbred trust of our news media, and now I feel that most of our Media, are only in for the money. It’s too bad, I been getting use to my new daily routine, of having so many new social media friends, the news of the world at my finger tips, and most of all, millions of new, famous, and not famous neighbors living in my laptop.

I see now what I have become, a seventy year old man looking at a world that only appealing to my sense of hearing and seeing, it has gotten me away from my real existence, fresh air, my house, my cat and my beautiful world, the me that existed before there were any cell phones, and computers, I read from a newspaper, look for directions on a paper map, and talked to real people with something called a telephone, I had to go to the library to look up things, went to actual doctors to get medical advice, took photographs with cameras that used something called film, and most of all, never thought that I could stop using my hearing aids.

I just needed a little bit of time to cool down and reflect that progress is no longer my middle name.


What Will It Mean If Fourteen Million Americans Will Not Have Health Care?

It has been reported that in 2018, that there could be some fourteen million Americans without heath care, some say it could double. That’s a lot of potential sick people, but there are many republicans and their president should be added to this list. Not only could this lead to a medical epidemic, it could trigger a very serious financial to our medical profession. Fourteen million uninsurable Americans translate into($10,000 per person), into $140 Billions of lost revenue, and other revenue that is associated with this effect to our economy. There are so many people who source of revenue is associated with the medical field, advertising, drug manufacturing, real estate, jobs, medical education, transportation, and the sudden reduction of many medical professions, this will certainly start a ripple effect that will the start of another modern day disaster, financially and medically. Are we ready for another financial and medical melt down?

As I keep repeating in my past blogs, get ready for a major correction President Trump’s stock market, massive foreclosures in both the housing market, and higher unemployment. How is President Trump going to fill all these propose new jobs he hoping for, when the majority of the job seekers are sick, thrown out of their homes, and can’t even afford to send their kids to college.

President Trump should focus more on his Presidency, than worrying a bout sending an American to Mars.  He will look back at the end of his presidency when a million dollars will buy a loaf of bread, and a band aid will cost ten million dollars, and most of all, he will realize that this would of never happened if he didn’t replace Obama Care. He should of listened to his microwave oven in the first place.