I Hope President Trump Does Not Let Us Down Tomorrow Night.

All day I been thinking and hoping what President Trump will have to say in his first speech to the Congress, and the American people. He already made it clear that he wants to increase our military budget by ten per-cent, and yet you would think both he and the Republicans would already have a replacement plan for Obama care. I feel nothing is more important than taking care of the physical health of the American  people. We are one of the richest countries on the planet, and yet we cannot take care in an affordable way to give EVERYONE health care. I know it’s a a $3Trillion dollar expense, but we are a country of billionaires Americans, and billionaire corporations. Unfortunately there are too many tax loop holes By eliminating the big business aspect of making a profit on medicare, America can strive to other issues that need addressing, clean environment and education.

President Trump it will be your moment, and your moment alone. You political party is the party of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Regan. Don’t let the down. If you can give America a single payer health plan that will fit all Americans, you certainly will be one of the greatest Presidents of America. You have the honor to be our forty-fifth, and to many your popularity is not either in the lower third.

Make tomorrow night a reason to be living in The United States, the greatest country in the free world, a country that have been very fortunate to have leaders as Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Regan, and Donald Trump.

———————I am keeping my fingers crossed———————-

Bonnie and Clyde Just Shot Up “La La” Land”.

It was an Hollywood night that was suppose to honor the motion picture industry, instead it just took less than eight minutes for Bonnie and Clyde, aka Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty to replicate last year’s mistake, Miss Universe contest, where Steve Harvey, read from the wrong cue card, and announced the winner as being Miss Columbia, and it was actually Miss Philippines. Who saids lightning can’t strike twice, but it did more than that, all day I was very excited to talk about some of the life’s lessons that I got from the film, it shows the sacrifice that two people in love, have to give up when they put their aspirations in front of the love they have for one another.

Too often, one partner has to be the catalyst, for their partner, to be the stepping stone to in the other’s advancement of success. People change, and most of the time, what were once lovers are suddenly taking solo journeys to a very hateful path. The end of La La Land, shows a starlet, who marries her now rich Prince Charming, and her once lover who gave the confidence to go after her Hollywood dream,  sitting in his jazz club dream, wanting to change the whole outcome of the transformation was he was wholly responsible for.

Is there a lesson to be learned from La La Land, no, l;if just happens, and you just have to  follow your heart, and accept the consequences. Is love blind? Sometimes, but that what makes love so  challenging. But I don’t understand, why did the Oscars, didn’t learn from the Miss universe Pageant. Sure, if “Moonlight” was awarded the academy’s “Best Picture”, no big deal, I definitely would go to see it, but now, it just makes me sick, when our president wants to cut fundings for the performing arts, and Public Radio, that Hollywood has to look like asses. I feel sorry for the winners and losers.

This is one night, that I wished they did not kill the sheriff, and left Bonnie and Clyde at the Old Age Home. It’s going be awhile for me to go to a movie theatre, yet alone to my “La La Land”.

Sorry I missed Steve Jobs Birthday Yesterday.

I guess at seventy years old, I am starting to forget birthdays and anniversaries, no I am not related to Steve Jobs or Steve Wozniak, no but I am working on an Apple Founders Museum Concept with the third Apple founder, who’s tenure only lasted for twelve days. No, Mister Wayne has no regrets, and in fact he relishes the opportunity, and if he could do it over, probably would have done the same thing, and leave, however if he new that the Apple Computer Company would be today’s Apple Corporation, that certainly would of changed his mind. So let me go on, There are few events that have stayed in my mind that I will never forget, getting my drivers license, opening a savings account, my dad lying on his death bed, getting married, and my cell phone.

My cell phone is my best friend, it’s my phone, phonograph, tape recorder, alarm clock, recipe book, gaming room, address book, calendar, but primarily my Nikon, Hasselblad, Canon camera all rolled in one, and hundreds of things more. Photography has always been my passion, and thanks to the magic Apple corporation, O am always with my cell phone. Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Mister Ronald G. Wayne, has change our lives in so many ways. I start my day with my www.audio.com Wall Street Journal, listen to parts of a New Times Best Seller, and finished my night by writing a posting on my www. howiemaui.com blog on my Mac laptop. Certainly I have an “Appletized ” life.

However I do feel bad that I miss blogging a birthday wish to Steve Jobs, you left us too soon, you showed so much of us like Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin and Leonardo Da Vici, if you believe in your ideas, yo can change the world. For this I will always be grateful for the original Apple Founders.

Steve I wish you were alive today, to wish you a happy birthday, and you have inspired me that you and your co-founders have shown that in our largest American Corporation, that so many people , and items, belong to yours Apple Founders Museum. Your parents, especially your biological father, Jon Jandali, who gave you up for adoption, your adoptive parents, theJobs, your biological sister Patti Jobs, your high school teachers, and all of the past present students of your High School Alma Mater, Homestead High School, Cupertino, California, your friends, especially Daniel Kottke who you went India with, your wife, children and so many more who were the foundation of our modern day Apple Corporation, the museum would give a special thanks, to it;s past CEO’s and and present CEO, Tim Cook, and to Arthur Rock who insisted that the new Apple Corporation had to keep Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak together. People need to know that two guys from the same high school can make such an everlasting affect on our lives.

I can only imagine, what our future Apple products will be capable of doing, it will be the motion picture industry most incredible camera and sound recording device, it will be able to be animated and actually be able to operate on people, it will encase our virtual parents and family members, it will monitor our health and become our Psychiatrists, it will be our spiritual advisor, and most of all it will be able to tell the world that every day is a Steve Jobs birthday celebration.


Who The Hell Do You Work For President Trump?

Yo wanted this job to be our president, even though you are relinquishing your paycheck, then start acting like a world leader and stop thinking you can rewrite the United States Constitution. Millions of Americans have died to preserve our freedoms, and for some reason you are suppoesdly  are hiding, start acting like the leader of the free world, The United States of America. Do you know what the First Amendment of the Constitution  consists of? It of the following, “making any law respecting and establishment of religion”, “ensurig that there is no prohibition on the free exercise of religion”, “abridging the freedom of speech”, and infringing on the “freedom of the press”, “interfering with the right to peaceably assemble”, or”prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances”, adopted on December 15, 1791, as one of the ten amendments that constitute the “Bill of Rights”.(Wikipedia)

This week, you have banned the likes of our respected news media, CNN, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, and The Politico at your news briefing, I don’t think it is ethical or lawful to exclude only the media you want. I would like to hear your definition of “Freedom of the Press, and another thing why didn’t you stop the law enforcement the Dakota Access Pipe Line protestors(DAPL), they were protesting on the land that belonged to the Sioux reservation, the protest was a friendly one, but still they were ousted as they we criminals.

I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT NEXT!, Perhaps that you will make it impossible for us to say what is bad with President Donald J. Trump, your next order would be to institute an ALGORITHM on all of computers on particular words that you don’t want us to use.

Words, like Facebook, Google, Twitter, The New York Times, CNN, Los Angeles Times, Politico, Apple, Donald, J, Trump, and www.howiemaui.com, if this happens, I will link my blog to my other domain name, www.drshit.com.


Pee Pee’s Should Pee Pee Together.

I know I am a seventy year old fart, I grew up on the Lone Ranger, Howdy Duty and as a teenager, The Beatles. I remembered as a five year old seeing a wash room, labeled as “Colored”, I asked my mom about it, and she did not want to go int details, and said it was being painted a new color. Gladly washrooms were for everybody, Blacks, Asians,Mexicans and Whites. To day we have a new wash room situation, the right of transgenders using a facility that works with their new sexual “expression”. A man who is now a woman, can use the ladies room, and a woman who feels is now a guy cn use the men’s room.

Going to pee with other guys have always been my preference. I don’t even like to use a shared washroom that have been used by both sexes. President #Trump agrees with many, and myself that if you have a male organ, it should be used in it’s meant to be used environment. If you have a Vagina, and you are now a man, the female organ that you have should only be allowed to be used in the ladies room. It’s a personal thing with me, when you get older you pee more often, even with daily medication.

A lot of people, including Senator Bernie #Sanders is disagreeing with me, but I think that one’s brain, might want to reverse it’s sexual  role?  How do I know, the transgender who is now a man, might get aroused when she was a woman, not that I am a hunk, but I think there is another solution, just have two more separate wash rooms, one labeled TM(#transgender-Male), and one labeled TW(Transgender-Female), I know that is very costly, but this is the price for peeing and taking a shit when you don’t like the sex God gave you.


Sorry Bernie, It’s Tough To Live On $174,000.00 A Year.

I look back on my forty years of employment, and see how poorly I did, just averaging about $25,000 a year, I want to cry, that this was because, I was born with cerebral palsy, and literally had to work for such pittance to have continuing health insurance.  My HR director always referred to me as being high maintenance, but I could care less, I needed four hip surgeries, that in today’s money amounts to a half of million dollars. I bet my health insurers had to dish out a million dollars to keep me going, hey that’s like getting an extra $25,000 a year tax free. I shouldn’t really complain, I was able to buy a Michigan Avenue condo in Chicago, meet the woman of my life, and also be able to buy a house in the suburbs. It’s hard to believe that my wife and I are almost as rich as Senator Bernie Sanders.

to be continued

Hey Bernie, Immigration Is Not A Monopoly Game.

I just came across this Tweet from Senator #Bernie Sanders: “Instead of frightening 11 million undocumented people with deportation we need comprehensive immigration reform and a path to citizenship.” If this was not your words, I owe you a huge www.howiemaui.com apology. If they were I have to say to say BULLSHIT! With the average cost of health care of $10 thousand dollars per American in this country, isn’t that about $110b billion dollars that perhaps us Legal Americans have to pay for? Mind you, it might be only a fraction of the $3T trillion dollars that we all pay for health care, but every dollar that we save can make a big difference for the rest of us.

Maybe out of the 11 million undocumented people Bernie is referring to, probably 3 millions of these people have paying jobs, that many of us unemployed American would like to have. Lets also say that 3 million of these undocumented people attended a US grammar school, at an average of $5 thousand  year, is that another 15b billion dollars of out tax payers budget. I know that many of these undocumented people paid taxes, but why should they get a free lunch at the American people expense?

I doubt the homelands of these undocumented people will not accept the majority of our undocumented people as President #Trump has suggested, but I feel that there should be a steep financial penalty! A fine($10,000-$100,000.00), no right of ownership of property, or just plain going to jail.

Bernie, stop blaming the rich who pays the majority of our taxes, and supply jobs for Americans, and your undocumented people. You are set financially and don’t have to cry over  a $3.00 a month raise social security. I do, as well as so many of millions of seniors who incidentally put you in office.

America, is some what like a game of “Monopoly”, the Trump version has many of his Trump hotels on board, but the one thing that this game does not have is that “undocumented” people as you refer to are not allowed to play this game, and if they ever want to they will have to apply for citizenship as many now Americans had to do.



Who Will Buy The Apple Corporation?

It’s been an interesting week to read that Warren Buffet owns one per cent of Apple corporation, the biggest American corporation, approximately $5billion dollars. Mister Buffet has always been a prudent investor, and there has been many people wondering that he has waited so long to be an Apple investor. You would think he would of been there from day one, in 1980, instead he became a believer in IBM. As I scratch my head wondering the big interest in Apple now, something else entered the equation. I don’t know the exact figure, that Apple has acquired a little over $214b billion dollars in an off shore account. Because of the high taxes imposed by the United States government, it best for Apple just let the money sit and earn interest. Help me with my Warren Buffet math, if Warren owns one percent of the company, that means his share of the $214b dollars is roughly $2.14 billion dollars, not bad of an investment.

With Presidents Trump’s proposal to lower corporate taxes from thirty per cent to fifteen per cent, you would think that the corporate world would be drinking Champagne every day for lunch. The party might be over some of our giant American companies. Correct me if I am wrong, what could stop a pool of foreign investors to make an offer to buy the Apple Computer Corporation for $250.00 a share, some $125.00 over it’s $135.00 present share price, would mean that the market cap of Apple Corporation would be $1.312.5 TRILLION DOLLARS. Yikes that’s a lot of moolah, but it could just be a matter who has the fastest printing press. Pretty scary, and I hope it will never happen. However if it did happen, I think I would never question #Warren Buffet on any of his future stock picks.

Oh well, I can only be happy that I do have have a little over a $Trillion dollars (worth less) in my QBet casino account.


Don’t Let The Rise In The Stock Market Fool You.

Sure it looks great that the stock market has gone up four per cent since Donald Trump has taken office. I never thought I would live to see the day that the Dow Jones Average would peak over 20,000, well there it stands from last Friday’s close at 20,624.05. Happy days are here again, corporations will be paying less taxes, and reporting unbelievable earnings, and very American can rest assure that with President Trump’s leadership, future retirement will not be any problem. I wish this was true, in four years the Dow will reach 35,000, and most of their stocks(Dow 30) will have split of an average of five to one. Apple will be forty dollars a share, and it will certainly be a must stock for every body’s 401k’s and Ira accounts. Having a million dollars for retirement should be no problem.

However if everyone has at least $1 million dollars in their retirement accounts, how much spending power will it really have. It’s like everyone just won the lotto. Just buy stocks, they have no way but going up? However what goes up, eventually will go down, and down will be like we have never experience since the great crash of 1929.

I am not a stock broker, but just a concerned senior who is scared if I will be able to enough money to live my life comfortably. With the costs of health care, and the talk of changing Social Security and Medicare, I lay sleepless at nights, if my investments will disappear over night. I hope not.

There is one possibility that might be the Ace in hand for Donald Trump that many haven’t weighed in for a possible Trump impeachment. It and when the Congress goes forward with his impeachment, I can just imagine a ten thousand negative swing in the stock market, back to 10,000, worst than 9-11-2011, dreams and futures wiped out because we have a President who wants to make #”America Great Again”.

So what is the solution, I don’t know, all I can do is pray and wait.


How Would Steve Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ray Kroc Do On Shark Tank?

I watched my favorite television program last night, Shark Tank. It’s taking the America like a storm, it has given people the confidence that their invention or business concept can lead them to the financial stability that many of us want. Not only he success, but the opportunity to pursue what you believe in and still not having it feel like a job.

Last night on Shark Tank, was sort of heartening for me, a children’s educational subscription(BitsBox), on how to teach children how to code, had the almost opportunity to make a deal with guest Shark, #Chris Sacca, for $250,000 with a five per cent equity. The two owners bickered back and forth, and tried to get $250,000.00 more equity out of their company, Mister Sacca kept saying No, by the time the two BitBox offers said yes to his offer, he pulled out of the deal. This happens all the time, when opportunity comes knocking on the door, there is no looking back, or is it.

In 1954, and 1976, there were two Shark Tank opportunities that made it’s mark in America, the first was Ray Kroc’s offer to buy the McDonalds business concept from the McDonalds brothers, as it was told in the recent motion picture #”The Founder”, they agreed to sell to Ray Kroc for some $2.4 million dollars, unfortunately they unfortunately relied ob Ray Kroc’s hand shake for hundred’s of million of dollars of royalties, that was not legally bounded. Still $2.4 million dollars at that time was certainly a financial windfall, that could of been parlayed into another start up company called the #”The Apple Computer Company”, mainly started by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak(a third partner, Ronald G. Wayne who had a ten percent owner ship, dropped out after twelve days.) went public in 1980, and also was sold for $2.4 million dollars. What most people do not realize that it takes hundreds of millions of dollars, and many created and influential people to make a company to be successful. The Apple Computer Company eventually became America’s largest Corporation, better known as The Apple Corporation. In the beginning the company almost went bankrupt, and many of the original investors were glad to recoup a whopping $24.00 a share from their twenty cents a share initial investment, still a whopping return. The point is, don’t look a gift horse in the eye even if can be that financial Shark yo need to make your dream a reality.

Most likely if Ray Kroc, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were on Shark Tank, there may only of been a fifty-fifty chance that we would of had two of our largest American corporations today.

There is no going back, just be glad that you were given your chance.

What do you think?