Donald Trump, Richard J. Daley Must Be Smiling.

As much as Donald Trump has been criticize for his lack of respect for many minorities, and putting down women, he did hit one nail that needs hammering. Today we are seeing the 1960’s riotings happening across the United States as was the happening in Chicago on April 5, 1968-April 7, 1968. Being sparked in part of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. (April 04, 1968), which led to eleven deaths, five hundred arrests. Mister Trump reminded us that we need Law and Order. And Law and Order that then Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley  gave his police the authority “to shoot to kill” any arsonist or anyone with a Molotov cocktail in their hand. Unfortunately today, many of our police force have been under so much scrutiny of killing many innocent minorities, but the truth remains that so many criminals are killing and victimizing our inner cities.

Mister Trump made reference during his first presidential debate with Hillary Clinton, that since the beginning of the first presidential term (2008) and until now that Chicago has close to four thousand murders on it’s books. There are some say  that we need to help the communities to get involve, and of course hire more Police. However not only do we we need to get the guns off the street, but we need to let the bad guys, the terrorists that we mean business of protecting our citizens and cities. Possessing a gun is a legal right, and we need to protect ourselves, family and property, but to do bodily harm on others without any justification, should give our law enforcements officers “the right to kill”.  It worked in Chicago, unfortunately it hasn’t worked in almost fifty years.

Let’s give this one to Mister Trump and Richard J. Daley

Two Years Today Since Your Passing-Mom

It’s hard to believe that you left me two years today. I miss our daily phone calls, and your tellings of all of your friends is the Breakers. I know I have been bitter about your financial doings. I wished you had confided with me about your decision to invested in a lifetime annuity($200,000.00). Teresita was disappointed that you left your good jewelry to one of your nurse’s friend. Enough is enough, yo are Mom.

Teresita and I are desperately trying to plan for her much needed retirement. Her health is not good, but our love and faith are strong. I am doing my projects, and I feel so bad that I cannot be an income. I know that Jesus is testing me. I can’t stop thinking how my tenant trashed my condo, but I will keep trying. It’s my heart and soul are my main source of strength. I miss dad and I wish we could of been a family. Mort, your second husband had his issues, but you were happy with him. I have to accept the fact that even parents have their own life. As my friend has said, “Not everyone can be your friend.”  I guess even your parents. I want to thank you for our wonderful conversations, and your encouragement of me not wanting to be a photographer. You worked hard selling shoes so I can get started in photography.

Enough is enough, today is your day, two years in heaven, I wish you could tell me what it is like, who have you seen, and how do you spend your days and nights. Will I be surprised if I get there? I am trying to be a good person, so Jesus and Moses will let me in. I hope you can put a good word for me.

I love you, and wish I could have had just one more day to hear your baby Howie stories, and how mischievous I was when I was younger. I should of asked about how you felt over the years, but I guess I took it for granted that we would live forever.

Yes I learned that Today is Forever Mom.