How Much Is Your High School Year Book Is Worth?

This year I will be celebrating my fifty year high school anniversary from Harper High School in Chicago, Illinois. It’s unbelievable that a half decade has gone by so fast. To me, my teen age years were certainly some of the best times of my life. Growing up in the 1960’s had so many adventures and challenges. Worrying about the occasional pimple attacks, falling in love almost every other day, and of course what the hell am I am going to do when I get OLD. Well fifty years later, I see I finally don’t need to worry about when I get old, I made it, I did it, and at times I think I have failed! I am OLD.

As I found with the discovery of Ronald G. Wayne(Sold his 10% of his Apple Computer stock for some $1500.00) that money is not everything. At eighty years old, he has authored three books and has great health. Hey I made it to the age of sixty-eight and even though I am not in the best of health, I have so much to be happy about. I have a  wonderful wife(Teresita Silvers-22 years), a house with a park as my back yard, Social Security, some savings, and a loving cat name Kazzi. However because I am not on Wikipedia, my 1965(The Shield) Harper High School year book probably wouldn’t even get a $25.00 bid on Ebay, unlike the three (Ebay) listings that I see are now     seeking some hefty prices, “1972 Homestead High School Year Book, Steve Jobs”, $4970.00, $4975.0, and $6499.00. I would love to  have one of these diamonds for my Apple Founders Collection. It would make great company for my four Steve Wozniak high school year books, his remote control, a Captain Crunch Whistle, and don’t tell anyone, a 1968 Steve Jobs Homestead Jr. High School Year book, and my 1962,1963, 1964, & 1965 Harper Shield Year books. So I guest measuring success, IS What Your High School Year Book Is Worth?

Any Bidders$$$$$