Wih all the talk around social media about president Trump and his family, it’s surprising that we a forme Heisman Trophy winner O.J. Simpson has just won his parole after spending nine years in jail for armed robbery.  During the 1990’s it was a trial that memorized the country, did handsome football player, who became a movie star(Native Gun) and not only becoming a renown sports commentator, who could forget him rushing at the airports, flying over the turn-styles for the Hertz rental car adds, killed his beautiful wife, Nicole, and and an acquaintence of her, Ron Goldman? His trial was more like a reality circus then “The Trial of the Century”. Sure there were a cast of characters, from Judge Ito, Kato, the Goldmans, Marcia Clark, Robert Shapiro, Lou Cowlings, F. Lee Bailey, and of course “The Juice”, O.J. Simpson.

Never has there been such a long series of events that what first was viewed as the American Dream. O.J. had it all, Heisman Trophy winner, NFL running back for the Buffalo Bills, movie star, and the spokesman for the Hertz automobile rental corporation. However, it took the murders of his wife, Nicole, and her acquaintance that shambled this American Dream into an orange juice nightmare. I don’t want to play lawyer and give my opinion whether OJ was guilty, and also should he not of been awarded his parole for armed robbery, but really triggered so many killings happening to African Americans, there has been so many pathetic killings of blacks by our law enforcing officers, and now the shoe is on the other foot, an Afro-American escaped the death penalty. Only OJ, or his family will ever reveal the truth of the matter.

Sure it would be nice to know the whole story, but what is important is how money and power plays in the role in our world of justice! So let’s hope Mister Simpson can give us good reason to say “welcome home”, and perhaps you might have a surprise to reveal.

President Trump, You Still Can Be Our Greatest President.

The other night I sent a Twitter message to President Trump’s daughter that your father can be our greatest president. In a few words I simply stated that it is time to allow us disabled Americans to go on Medicare at the age of 59 1/2. This is the age that you can take out money of your investment accounts without being taxed a penalty of an additional ten-percent. There are so many permanent disabled people in this country that cannot afford the health care they need, to give them a quality of life that they worked so hard for. Right now the law requires that a disabled person, has the o quit working and wait a painful two years to be approved for Medicare. Sometimes the process takes a lot longer. In the mean while, many of our disabled become sicker, and put a severe  burden on their families financially, divorce, lost of their homes and savings, and probably led to  suicide.

There has been so much emphasis on health care for the masses in the United States, it’s only right that we start bringing our attention to those who worked so hard, and just want to live a fuller life as long as they can.

So maybe we can finally have a President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, do something that none of our other presidents have done, give some our soon to be seniors, those that are disabled the quality of life they deserved, and maybe I might asking for too much, let’s eliminate the two year waiting period to 120 days.

America will certainly be again a great country for our permanent disabled.

President Trump, Why Do You Want Us Seniors to Live In Your Poor House?

I never thought reaching the age of seventy, would have  me thinking of spending my final years in President Trump’s poor house. Our new president just reached his seventh decade of breathing, and has done quite well for himself, a billionaire and certainly who will never have to worry about of not ever having enough money to pay his bills. However for us millions of seniors our future is now looking so bleak. Sure I should of discipline myself for my twilight years, I will admit that I thought I deserved better in my closing years, a big house, great car, health care I know I could afford, and enough money that both my wife could travel the world, and have multiple residents to call our home. I tried, to do it, and have to admit I failed, I wish I had the $25,000.00 plus I spent on lotto tickets, tens of thousands of dollars I spent on camera gear, and to make my point simpler, I wish I could of just stopped the world for just one day, and realize, that I had to believe in myself, and if I thought of a particular stock to invest in, “Just Do It, mind ya I did invest, I do have a profit, but not enough to give a yearly salary to live the life style I always wanted to have.

However, I have the moment now to reach out hopefully to my howiemaui.com readers, whether you are old like me, or just fresh out of college, the world is always changing, and the sooner you realize it the better the chance you will be able to get your journey the way you want it.

Yes, I see that not only President Trump and his fellow Congress, are depleting my savings, and the wealth of other seniors, by imposing the “Required Minimum Distribution” Taxes on our investments, but now giving our financial advisors a licensed to take what ever what we earned through our lives, by making us pay a mandatory yearly brokerage fee if  we need financial advice. Sure I can have a no cost investment account, but after thirty years with a financial advisor, I don’t think I have both the knowledge, or discipline to manage my investments.

I am pleading to my fellow Americans and elected officials, that there should be new laws, that will help the Seniors that want to spend their final years with dignity, and knowing that their United States of America, have not let them down.