I Thought I Was Going To At Least Have A couple of Days Rest From Writing About President Trump.

I am not trying to be an anti-Trump Blogger, I respect the fact that President Trump beat the odds, and surprised many of us Americans and became our forty-fifth President of The United States(POTUS). However in the last two weeks he certainly has raises the eyebrows of many of us with his plan to build a gigantic wall around Mexico and stop the immediate entrance of many Muslims people fro seven countries, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya, and Somalia, however it is almost like Hitler telling the German people that the Jews are the reason for their impoverished conditions.

President Trump probably thinks, that this immigration ban on Muslims, will keep the ISIS extremists from entering the United States, what he is really doing is putting more gasoline on their fire. Attack someone’s beliefs, will be many catalysts of violence through out the world. Is President Trump going to take the responsibility of a devastating act of violence? ¬†We can only pray that this will not happen. By relieving his acting Attorney General, Sally Yates, who certainly has better educational credentials than President Trump, graduated magna cum laude, with a J.D. from the University of Georgia School(1986), just shows us that he didn’t first ask her that does he have the governmental right to execute a Muslim ban. Her denial of his order most likely was based on it’s legality foundation as well as the ethical obligation of the United States.

Our balance of trade with the rest of the world depends on the co-operation of every nation, trillions of dollars of trade is affected by what the United Staters does. You would think that President Trump and his Republican party would take this in consideration, before they tarnish our country’s image. Is he asking the right questions? If not, what is he trying to accomplish? I can see he wants to make America “Greater”, but it is already a Great country, a better country, I am afraid not, we don’t have to worry every day about what our President has done today.

I have been anxiously waiting for President Trump’s alternative to Obama Care. You would think that the Republicans would already have a plan ready to go, most likely they know that their health plan will probably put tens of millions of Americans in Harm’s Way. I surely hope not, at seventy years old I don’t think I can handle any more financial responsibilities.

Please President Trump, can’t you be more pragmatic? Put smiles on our faces. Help us preserve our futures, and most of all, let me have a couple of days off to blog about something that does not have to do with POLITICS.



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