My One Hundred Days With President Trump, The Good, Bad, And The Ugly.

As I enter my seventh decade as an American, I find myself at the thresh hold, of trying to figure out if my finality of life, has to end with the likes of what could be my last president, Donald Trump. Through out my life, the office of the presidency was reserved for Americans of courage and conviction, Americans who had a mission not only for their families but for their country. I have been privileged to have the following, as my president, Truman, Eisenhower,Nixon,Ford,Kennedy,Johnson,Carter,Regan,Bush, Clinton,Bush, Obama, and now Trump. A very impressive list, except it’s president Donald Trump has me worried if my country may find itself either in a detrimental war, facing the warnings of mother nature, and the brink of financial ruins.

Never in my life, have I spent so much time worrying if America ever going to prosper again, such issues of massive unemployment, another housing market collapse, and a complete annihilation of the United States. The stakes are higher now, we have more participants that could put the end of my great country. It’s no longer a status quo with just China and Russia, North Korea, and Isis, are now are new enemies, and at any time we might find President Trump making that premature decision of declaring WAR, and order missile launchings without even asking congress to make this legal decision. Perhaps I am getting paranoid, but I will try to calm down a little, and try to reflect on Trump’s first 100 days, the good, the stock market advanced to 21,000, Trump is letting the rest of the world, is that it means business when it comes to it’s defense, including wanting to build a world around Mexico, tax breaks for everyone, especially for the wealthy, and he is making himself visible on social media like no other president. Now the bad, he won’t reveal in tax forms, he doesn’t have a health care plan to replace Obama Care, and he is doing away with so many of our wonderful programs, as the EPA, Meals on Wheels for us seniors, programs for the arts, he is against climate control, doesn’t care about our Native Americans sacred burial grounds when it comes to the Dakota Pipe Line, and he doesn’t not care about the additional tens of millions of dollars for all the additional security of him and his family going to his Florida home every week end, certainly these are many bad things, the the ugly aspect I find myself reflecting with Donald Trump, is why the hell did he ever want to disrupt our great American legacy of our past presidents, men of courage, distinction and honor?