Our Minds Are Awaiting Our Next Habits.

.      I had a great financial meeting yesterday. Our coach always saids som thing that stick in my head. Are we just about what we do with our minds? It occurred to me that being on
a journey is really where our mind takes us. Doing the same old thing and expecting results are just Habits that take us to no where. It’s a matter of finding the right habits that  take us to
to where we want and need to go.. It’s been a long journey for me, I realized that I found many new hats to wear. However not receiving a paycheck and having  to rely on my early social security and my savings has put a strain on my marriage. I feel so  bad that I did not make enough money so  my wife and I could retire RIGHT NOW. There is still time for me to figure things out. I need to change professions, switch from photography to the world of financials. I need to get my health and life insurance license so I will be able to help people with their financial foundations and educate people that you can take a one day class and start a new career without having to pay off a huge student loan. I feel so unhappy for not getting the results I wanted for my volunteer work and being a photographer’s representative. I will not abondoned these journeys but I need to concentrate and see if I can still be functional in society and be rewarded with a PAYCHECK. Tomorrow I have a group interview with a large electronics store. I can only hope they need my services.. Sorry Johnny Paycheck I will not just take this job and shove it. To me this will be  like going on a fishing trip. I don’t expect to catch any thing, but it will be fun to meet the recruiter and tell them  why I want to re-enter the work force. I think that my mind wants me to develop my next habit, is that I am very much capable to achieve my journey, again to make a living and help people with their goals.
    I would love to hear from other howiemauies about your habits and journeys. You can email me at howiesilvers@gmail.com or call me at 1-630-202-1979. I sure would like to have others join me at our next financial meeting. Thank You coach for believing in me and showing me that I am a creatures of habit.