The Vacation Is Over.

  Sorry, I took close to two months to just stopped in my tracks on my blog. I found myself just spinning my wheels getting involved with pomoting others and forgot that I am  still on my journey to help me and my wife with our life, goals, and spritality My love of photographvery y made me realize that taking pictures sometimes got me so involved with seing the world of others I forgot that I am also part of the world that I am trying to photograph.
  Every day I ventured to my office(my Facebook page) and pasted the main issues that I very
much wanted to be part of my journey. I am amazed that finally Dennis Manarchy just finished
building his 35′ camera(six foot. film negative) for his www.butterfliesandbuffalo,com photography project. His photo venture will definately make people realize that there are many forgotten cultures in the United States that we just took for granted, Like  our Native Americans, who during World War II(the Code Talkers) gave us their langage so we communicate with our soldiers to defeat the Japanese. I made it a point to reference this on my Facebook page. One of my favorites on Facebook are those very special Kiss Moments, there are too many references on politics, and not on the precious times we seem to forget. I also feel very grateful to have many wonderful photographers as my my new friends. It’s good to see all the new photography books that are going to come out for the holiday.
  People have asked me if I am employed, yes but  no paycheck as yet. Thank God for Social Security and to my wonderful wife Teresita. I  am the midwest representative for a great photo portfolio website,, I know someday it will be the number one photography site on the internet, look photo websites, we got the name.
  I have also been trying to help people with thinking about their financial foundation for their later years before entering retirement. It’s interesting to know that life insurance can also be a long term piggy bank and provide funds for long term care,{ I wish I did it twenty years ago. Are you ready for this, in the state of Illinois you can get prelicensed by just taking a one day review course, and it costs less than $125.00. Maybe if I knew this, I might not gotten my degree in Photography. Ah you can’t look back. However you can give me a call at 630-202-1979, and have your cup of coffee with me and help me reflect about my life on

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