Steve Jobs Forgotten Legacy, Ronald G. Wayne

Last April 1st, as we know as April Fools,  however it was also the fortieth anniversary of the Apple Computer Company, the company we know as The Apple Computer Corporation, originally consisted of three founders, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne started the ignition on what led to the computer world as we know it today.

For me it led me to only a three year Apple journey, a discovery certainly that the Apple Founders might never been aware of. This legacy was that of Ronald G Wayne. Besides as the one of the three original Apple Computer Founders who unfortunately relinquished  his ten- per cent of ownership after just twelve days for a poorly profit of $1500.00, he justified a lesson in my human development that money and fame cannot just be my reason for living.

I remember how nervous I was when I made my first phone call to Mister Wayne. I could not even believe that I was able to get through to him. It started our first of many conversations, he thus has become my inspiration, and I no longer had to beat myself up for not sometimes making the right decisions. He chuckled and told me that continuing with the Apple Computer Company was not  the direction he wanted to be part of . A self made engineer, and a perfectionist, Mr. Wayne was able to write the original Apple Computer Company contract, it’s first logo, and the schematic of the Apple1.

However it’s the insight I gained from this genius of a Man, who during his two years working at Atari with Steve Jobs, that I learned that Mister Wayne offered two pieces of advice that might of made the difference of Steve Jobs dying at the much too young of the age of fifty-six. Mister Wayne who was twenty-two years older than Steve Jobs, I believe was more like a surrogate father. Steve always wanted to know who his father was? Mister Wayne, who’s own father left the family, warned  him that he might be surprised and maybe disappointed. The second revelation was that he should think twice before going to India, first of all you don’t speak the language, and you most likely will probably get sick, I am  not a Doctor, but I wonder, If Steve Jobs did not go to India, and if he  found out who was mother and father were, would their medical history been of some help in the well being ?

Getting back to the Legacy of Ronald G. Wayne, even though he hasn’t been to retire with Apple Millions, he shown me that I might be able to live to be eighty two years old and maybe even longer if I stop worrying what I “Couldah” , “Shouldah”,  and “Wouldah” in my life. I am going to be seventy this year, and I am envious of Mister Wayne, who has authored, two books, “Insolence of Office” and “The Adventure of An Apple Founder”.  I can now access not only what I have done in my life, but to realize that I have many more tomorrows to do  things I never thought I could possibly do.

I want to give a big thank-you to Mister Wayne, he has been an inspiration onto my next journey. With his guidance and wisdom, he has agree to help me with the development of an Apple Founders Museum concept,  a museum that will showcase many of the Apple contributors, like many of the students of Homestead High School in Cupertino, California(Steve Jobs, and Steve Wozniak-alumni),  Chris Espinosa, Bill Fernandez, and Randy Wigginton, and the many that influence the original three Apple Computer Founders, from Daniel Kottke, Steve Jobs roommate and companion to India,  John Draper, the catalyst behind the notorious Blue Box that helped Steve Jobs and Woz raise the money to start their Apple Dream,  Arthur Rock, the investor that kept the two Steves together, and one of Mister Wayne’s favorite, Nolan Bushnell, the former CEO of Atari . hopefully we can get many more on board. Both Mister Wayne would welcome your ideas how we can cam make our Apple Founders Museum a realty

I wonder if Apple’s CEO Tim Cook would like to be part of our Apple Museum?

No matter what I would like to thank Mister Wayne, for letting me be part of his Wayne’s World, where fame and fortune don’t really mean Anything if you cannot enjoy your life.

Mister Wayne is also available for lectures, and signing autographs. He can be reached at RG Wayne, 4201 Savoy Blvd. Pahrump, NV, 89061,  775-727-5750—