NetFlix University?

I just saw on my Linkedin discussion Group, that “Netflix is not headed to a happy ending?” Mmm! All they were emphasizing were content, subscriptions, and content, and the bottom line. Great points, however, I think with all the spendings our country is endured, and not enough money to ensure proper health care, I feel that the new administration might consider other alternatives besides cutting the like of Medicare and Social security?

Being a great fan of and for my inhouse libraries, I feel that wit the advent of the many high quality college courses that are offered online, I wonder if there is a another possibility of having the likes of a online grammar, or high school?

We spend ten trillion dollars on heath care in this country for us 300 million people, that’s ten thousand dollars a year for each of us. I am scared with the new administration coming in, many of us will not be able to afford medical care.  Hopefully President Trump will have the solutions without having us seniors paying the price.

How many of us would be willing to send our children, or grand children to their new Netflix grammar and high schools, so all of us can afford to stay HEALTHY?

“Yeah FLIXs”