Are We Ready To Buy Our Health Care On Ebay?

The big question President has to account to the American people, exactly what his new health care plan actually going to cost, and what guide lines it is going to offer? Right now there are millions of American families struggling to pay their rising health care premiums and deductibles. I must say that Obama Care at first tried to give the majority of us some kind of affordable health care, for the first time we were forced to buy some kind of health care, before you either have the luxury of getting supplemented health care from your employer, or getting Medicaid from their states. For the first time, our country was making an effort to get people to get healthy, visit a doctor before it’s too late to get medical help, or going to a hospital for a life saving operation. One thing for sure, Americans were starting to realize that preventive medicine meant many more healthy years to come, unfortunately for so many their coverage will probably end.

In the next month or two the United States Senate will vote on President Trump’s new alternative tobacco Care, but seeing what could be installed for us could mean that there will be be tens of millions of people not getting all the medicare care they might need. The Trump health care plan will cover many of the basics of Obama Care like pre-existing conditions, but it will require, an additional premium, pregnancies will be consider a luxury, and it will require an additional premium, this series of needs will like going to your favorite restaurant, and ordering everything, and I mean everything ale-carte, from the type of silver ware utensils, the size of your napkin, what kind of water you might want, the menu items will also vary in size and weight, to save costs, you will have the option of washing your plates and spoons and forks, left overs will be an additional service charge, and No More Free Toilets.

So lets take a make a believe of day one of the new Trump Care, it will be able to purchase because the choices will b in the thousands, you start by going on Ebay, put in your medical information, age, smoker, non smoker, your family history, and here is the fun part, what do you want your health care plan to cover, it will start from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head, there will probably be some six hundred questions  on what you would like to have covered, here are some of the things that are a definite must for coverage, sneezing, running noses, head aches, and of course hemorrhoids. There will also be a question on what restriction your coverage to high blood pressure? High and low blood pressure might require an extra premium. But you better plan at least eight hours to put in your new Trump Care bid o Ebay, remember there are some fifty different states with some one hundred insurance companies offering policies. Maybe we will get lucky, and score a great deal on our health care plan, the only problem will be if it will be able to deliver the coverage it saids it is.

I can hardly wait, maybe I will but multiple plans, and put them on my own Ebay site, hell people were screaming  for a single payer health care plan, well now you have it, it’s called PayPal, and I mean Pay buddy through the nose.