The United Center Should Change It’s Name.

By now many of you are aware of the passenger incident of Dr. David Dao, be thrown off an United Airlines flight, because of the plane being over booked. The fact that such gestapo tactics of brutalizing injuring a member of the medical profession reminds me what I read about the tactics of Adolph Hitler. Sure United Airlines was embarrassed, and gladly made a gallant settlement with Dr. Dao, but I have second thoughts of ever flying United, in fact I also have mixed emotions of ever stepping in the great arena, that housed the great Chicago Bulls era, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman,  this  Chicago Arena is named the United Center.

It’s unfortunately that United renew their naming rights in 2013 for another twenty years, but I am sure that the public sentiment of just one ousting from United’s plane will be  forgotten, United will probably offer a special sorry discount for their upcoming flights, but still I am disappointed that Chicago’s mayor or the Illinois governor didn’t make any effort, of seeing it’s possible of canceling United’s naming contract. The United Center houses not only the Chicago Bulls, but also the Chicago Black Hawks hockey team, when it’s not hosting sporting events, it show cases many concerts.

Still I can’t get Dr. Dao’s images out of my head, and the fact he lost a couple of teeth, a suffered a concussion, mortifies me. Please call me the Grand Pessimist, I guess I belong in an Alice Wonderland novel as the Mad HowieMaui, but with my luck I would be the book that someone brought with them for an upcoming flight with United Airlines, oh my God, I hope Alice and the Mad Hatter will be ok, should be know problem, lightning does not strike the same place twice, what could United do to a Giant Rabbit anyway?