Hey Bernie Sanders, Get to The Trump Solution to Health Care!

Talking about our filthy rich families, and our need for affordable heath care on Facebook Live, Senator Bernie Sanders ain’t going to do Shit. It took you you Democrats almost eight years to get Obamacare, and it’s taking Donald Trump less tham a year to dismantle it.

Over the my seven dade life, I have seen many protests and campaigns, but I have not thought that nearing my final years of life, that I am so close to lose my financial and health care blankets. I like my living beds of working so hard and be able to receive both Social Security and Medicare, however it cares me of the thought on what lies ahead if these two enticements, and my added obligation to liquidate my investments and have to pay my Required Minimum Distribution taxes. Instead of getting cardiac rest like the republican party would like us to get, and die early, I feel if the majority of Americans would participate in a national anti-spending portest, we could put a dent in the pockets of our richest corporations and families.

I propose that on our week ends, that we STAY home and not spend any of our hard earn money, we probably don’t have much compare to the Walton family and Koch family, but we can put a financial ouch in the bottom line of our rich corporations. Can you imagine, empty stores  galore?  No church goings, highways desrted. Airports like ghost towns. Hosptal emergency rooms not being used to their full potential. Would you give up some of your football and basketball games for affordable health care, and no talk about elimination both Social Security and Medicare? I could go on and and on, what we will have to give up for just two days of the week, but is this worth it to be able to have a healthier life for the whole week?

We can bitch and complain all we want, unless we take some kind of action, we ain’t going to get SHIT!