President Trump, Why Did You Fire One of Your Best Employees, James Comey

I just fined listening to James Comey’s new book “High Priority”.( Miser Comey’s narration of his book was quite inspiring, here was a man who was completely dedicated to make The Federal Bureau of Investigation, an unbiased entity of the the United States, it’s job is to the country’s top law enforcement department of the land, it was solely independent of any of the other branches of government, The Director of the FBI, James Comey was appointed for ten years, unfortunately he was fired by President Trump for not easing up on the bureau’s investigations on Michael Flynn(General), and easing up on their scruity of the Rusians interferring with the 2016 elections. It quite possible that President Trump like most of his buisness deals that loyalty goes with the territory, but this time he was dealing with someone who what his job and committment to the bureau was, a  complete independance from all the other departments of government. James Comey was our “Top Cop”, and it’s a shame that President Trump tried to interfere with performing his job.

When the FBI discovered that some of Hilliary Clintns missing emails were sent to Anthony Weiner, a Democratic Congressman from New York, director Comey sent a leter to Congress on Oct. 28. His  letter indcated, the FBIhad “learned of the existence of emails that appear to be pertinent to the investigation” into the privavte email server that Hillary Clinton used while still being the Secretary of State, soon her lead in the polls shrunked dramatically, in essence handed Donald Trump his presidency. For this he was rewarded and without ev en been told by the president that he need to be fired because James Comey did not show him his loyalty, but instead he showed his loyalty to his country and the FBI. Only time will tell us that maybe for the future of the United States or even the World, or in Preaident Trump’s case was to keep one’s mouth shut?

What do you think?