Give Us The Heath Care Plan We Need President Trump!

After listening to President Trump’s rambling on how our new proposed health care plan, will have lower premium and deductibles, I started to think, it sounds too good to be true, but could it be a reality, we the people of the United States have just figured out how to improve not only our economy, but able to utilize the rest of the world, to give them the health care that they might lack. You probably thinking that I probably just had to much wine to drink, or just hallucinating, honestly I could use a glass of wine before I finished with this posting but it occurred to me that every person no matter where they live, wants to be healthy, for many they live in countries that provide medical care, and there are others who never been to a doctor, yet alone a hospital.

So here is what I am thinking about what the United States and President Trump might want to try. The first thing we need to do is to eliminate the middleman, by that I mean the insurance companies, their CEO’s makes salaries and bonuses that amount in tens of millions of dollars, let eliminate them totally. Our government will self insure every American citizen. Secondly, the government will own every hospital and medical center, all ambulances, medical supplies and fixtures. Thirdly, they will own and operate all medical schools in this country. Fourthly, the government will assume All insurance liabilities for all medical personnel. Fifthly, every medical worker, doctors, nurses, janitors, lab workers, custodians, and ambulance drivers will be an employee of the United States government. Sixthly, all nursing home, rehab facilities will be ruined by the government. All pharmacies,and medical research centers will be owned by the government.

Lets not stop here, instead of building a wall around Mexico, lets let them share in our medical bonanza, they need medical assistance too, we can form a bilateral partnership of building state of the art hospitals and nursing homes, drug factories, and medical schools that will not just teach students how to be doctors, but they will train all aspects for the medical profession, from med techs, phlebotomists, nurses, a can’s. Our partnership will not just stop with the likes of Mexico, we can be partners with countries like the Philippines, China, Korea, Italy, Japan, Africa, Brasil, and even Russia.The more people we can help, the cheaper it will be for everyone. There is no reason to justify over $5000.00 a month to stay in a nursing home, by having our seniors spending their final years in a country that can literally provide one on one care, it will not only lower the cost of hospital care, but it will greatly improve the quality of life for our deserving seniors.

Maybe we can ask President Trump if he could tell his children to stay out of politics, and start thinking about building all the needed medical facilities that could make the difference of not only providing affordable health care in the United States but for the rest of the world, and also provide 100 of millions of jobs.

Hopefully President Trump and our elected officials won’t let us down.